Tuesday, January 03, 2006

What I did on my Vacation, by Miss Sassy

Remember those essays we had to write in pencil on that muted brown lined paper with the faint blue dotted line in the middle to teach us where the Ts are supposed to get crossed??
When I was trying to get my brain to work at work this morning, and kept getting interupted by people wanting to vaugely chat about trips and presents, I pictured standing up in front of my coworkers with that dingy looking paper and reciting my essay:
~~imagine a 6 year old voice wrapped in a dirty blonde pony tail with bangs, pink frilly skirt, socks with lace, and mary janes standing firmly on her two feet and looking up after every period~~

This Christmas Break was great.
My family talked to me and was glad I didn't hate them enough to avoid their calls.
I got all the presents I wanted and my favorite is the teddy bear I didn't know I would get.
I slept a lot. I read most of my new book. I watched not very much TV.
There were no fights at my house and all the mud the rain made didn't get into my room.
My bank account is still positive and that makes me feel good.
My drive out of town was great. My drive into town was wet. The time out of town was perfect.
I am not glad to be back but I know vacations are not supposed to be forever or else they would be called 'reality' and not 'vacations'.
I can't wait until Spring Break now because now I know how to go play with my friends and it sounds like that is the next time you will let me have a vacation.
The End.

For the rest of us, the rest of the story:

After enough intoxicants to kill a mini Clidesdale EACH, I realized that I do have a real friend in Him and that my needful desire just to be near him dimishes with every self assuring act I commit. There is nothing quite like seeing earned respect in the eyes of the person looking at you... except continuing to earn it by being a great friend at every turn.
I am completely distracted with thoughts of a friend and will continue to use up company post-its in order to free my mental space to read and understand the pages I am supposed to be filing.
I realized that I really have no growth potential at my current position with this company and that made me sad to have to come back here. I was on time this morning anyway.
I know I have no reason to complain because I will cash my paycheck on my lunch but I was reminded of how AWSOME I am at working with people over the break and to be stuck filing today makes my heart ache - literally, I have a pain in my chest when I look at what I am supposed to do today.
Somehow I was completely fine the entire weekend on three hours at a time of sleep and the numbing effect of this place has my measly 8 HOURS from last night in an exhausted stupor the like of which I had forgotten were possible - impressive considering the weekend I think.

Oh, and if you ever get the chance, the Tropicana has fantastic rooms with mirrors on the wall next to the bed and behind the woodwork that makes up the headboard... that continues up and over the length of the bed... aaaaahhhhhh endorphines, my little neuro friends, come and replenish the joy that was present in those egomaniacal moments of seduction and carnal desire...


Mom of Three said...

Man, sometimes I miss those days. But then again, I had had enough of those days, therefore I was ready to make a change. But they were fun!

Wasn't that sooooo much better than a Christmas with your fam???? Told ya so.

By the way, your co-workers are whispering behind your back about how you are walking funny...

Miss Sassy said...

Thanks mom... I heard them ;)
And YES, my family would have had me on an emotional hangover the likes of which I may never recover from... this one took a buffet and a bottle of water and I was ready for another round!!!

curmudgeon said...

Sounds like you enjoyed your trip. Groovy.

I hear it was quite crowded on "The Strip" that night. I don't know, I was asleep in my recliner.

Miss Sassy said...

Yeah... it was fun curmudgeon =)
Sleep on New Years weekend; I'm sorry, not familiar with the concept. Did you dream of Dick Clark and his colostomy bag? ;)

curmudgeon said...

B'yuk! Dick Clark. :)

Yeah, I was dozing.
My missus left for a concert like, noon with her outta town friend, and there I was. Left home to fend for myself. Which I did.
It's weird how sleepy I get after about 10 beers and a movie.

But if it gives me any credence, I was up until 4:30am the night we had the halloween party.

Miss Sassy said...

curmudgeon, I had no idea you animated an actual picture of yourself!! Hahaha... great party pics =)
Could you tell me how to add a pic that pops up when I leave comments?
A bloggers profile is never done...

curmudgeon said...

It was a task, but I did it.

To add your picture, sign in to blogger and go to the 'dashboard'.
'Edit profile', then scroll down to where it says 'Photograph'. You can put whatever picture in there, but it has to be hosted somewhere.
You could probably even put it in a post and use the URL from wherever blogger puts it.