Friday, January 13, 2006

Well, Its a Start

1) Notice where my sidebar is today???
Yeah, I went to update the template and got fearless and somehow I moved it up where it belongs but, um, somehow on the opposite side of the posts. Its all there and not squished into a one inch list down the side (Thank You Preview!!), so deal for now.
I might get the gumption later to play more, but -

2) I emailed that recruiter chick about wanting her help getting a permanent job here and she JUST emailed me asking for a meeting 'whenever its convenient'!!!!!! OMG - I got so excited I just farted.

3) Its Payday today - and since its a short payday due to the severely long break that bled over into my January, basically the entire thing will be going to my car payment, gas tank, and maybe for some milk and vodka to go with the kahlua I got for Christmas that somehow keeps disappearing without passing MY deserving taste buds.
Since I don't give about this position and no one has noticed if I am here or not for about 32 of the 36 hours I've put in this week, I'm thinking that get paycheck/go to bank/go home for lunch/meander back in when I am done napping in the car to the lunch time tunes afternoon I plan every Friday will have to be extended to go see this recruiter chick.

So I'm in pink jeans that I wore last weekend?? And tennies with Vegas spooge on them?? And the shirt is a little wrinkled where my body heat and the chair haven't pressed it straight yet?? Its Friday, I want a job, and darn it my makeup is great today!! I even figured out how not to blind myself with the new hairspray bottle I got Two Weeks ago =)

Its going pretty good now that I've finally finished the coffee... here's a cute pic to help you reach my level of satisfaction with the first three hours of my day:

Ain't he CUTE!!??? Don't cha just wanna meet a guy with that kind of cheery wide eyed smile today?? Wouldn't you buy that face an ice cream if he was in line behind you at the B&J Scoop Shoppe? Who knows, later today I might see this and think "lets watch him freak out and explode to 4xs his current size" but dang if he ain't cute now =)


Mom of Three said...

1. Very good on the sidebar! I am proud of your htmlling prowess.
2. Go Steelers tomorrow!
3. Glad the recruiter meeting went well, but did you think any otherwise?
4. Short paydays suck. Hubby's is divided into 75% on the 5th and 25% on the 20th. Those last days of the month are hurtin' for certain.
5. I love puffer fish.
6. We're already looking at how we're going to spend our tax refund. I am getting some new clothes and an elliptical trainer. Tom is getting a digital camera. The girls are getting a trip to Build A Bear, probably, or/and Target.
7. We all will be getting a storage freezer for the garage and lots of stuff from Costco with which to stock it for the coming lean times.
8. The girls will get a proper haircut.
9. Rosebud, aka "Drippy" will be getting fixed, now that she's gone into heat for the second time!!!

Did Bozo call? How is your weekend?
I must read further.

Mom of Three said...

Testing. Testing.

Pisser said...

I love your deranged sense of humor! Am now going to expect to see a blowfish in line behind me at the gelato place :)

My stepmother used to make me make her dried, dead puffer fish marionette dance on public access television, but that's a story for another time-!