Friday, January 13, 2006

Um? Huh? ::me finally speechless::

I tend to write my titles last, but after all this, I seriously had to take a walk.

um… we can’t allow a few guys in San Francisco to get in on medical insurance benefits but this dolphin wedding actually happened?
Did I miss the point in time where the US was the only one not evolved enough to allow gay marriage and the rest of the world with the genital mutilation and the wearing garb over every inch of skin and the killing first born children if they are not male and the foot binding and selling their children to sweatshops was ok but somehow they have gotten onboard with the ‘marriage is based on love’ amidst all the arranged marriages and family unity between tribes and she’s the pretty one we’ll marry her for the money and the other one will work for the family store forever…
Whew, that was a helluva powerful urge to slap the monitor silly.
Marrying dolphins???? Seriously, when are the locusts coming? Lets get this “what the F*CK is this world coming to – it must mean it’s the end of the world as we know it” show on the road.

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Mom of Three said...

Whatever gave you the idea we were evolved???? I mean, you are evolved, and I am evolved, and anyone I care to call a friend is evolved, but there's a bunch of ignorant fanatical nutcases out there AND the best news is that it is part of their doctrine(s) that they MUST bring nonbelievers into the fold AND that their God's law is more important than a silly old secular democracy!!! Girlfriend, there are babies being bombed by mistake in Iraq, but they don't care about being pro-THAT-life! There are kids starving in our own country and our schools are falling apart but they are worried about who loves who and are caught up in their nasty little fantasies of what those people do in the bedroom!

Try not to be too logical. It can only depress you.