Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Remedy Me

I just realized I've had a headache since yesterday morning.
Sometimes this happens when I forget to have coffee on the weekend and I CRAVE it on Monday morning... sometimes I get all pissy when people accuse me of having less than admirable morals and I can't go scream about it...

Well, anyway, I remembered at lunch yesterday that I had a headache when I thought food would cure it.
And again as the day ended when I was gonna use it as an excuse to not go to the gym.
And again after the 3 miles on a treadmill (see that MOT, three months and 3 miles! not running, just 4 mph with an incline, but my heartrate was in range the whole time!).
And when I got home to have dinner I thought the food would help, and refused the offered wine just to be safe.

I'm drinking water. I've had caffeine. I've excersised. I've eaten. I've slept.

This morning I thought it was the ache in my upper body muscles that made me sleep funky and all I would have to do is remember to let my shoulders out of my ears and push in some blood flow and all would be well.
Its now after lunch, I had 32 oz of water this morning with my shake and tumbler of coffee for breakfast and a very healthy stir fry for lunch.
When I realized my job today is to move a bunch of stuff from one side of the building to another, I got a cup of caffeinated tea and an Excedrin (just one, in hopes that I am not a lost cause).

Yes, I did put my hair up today. But I put my hair up everyday. I don't think thats it.

Yes, my life is enough to cause me much mental anguish, but an actual headache???

OK - the real reason I am asking for home remidies is multi fold:
1) I am a temp with no insurance and don't want to pay ImmediateCare $80 to tell me to take an asprin;
2) I like to hear from you all =);
3) in my family, when you get a headache that won't go away, you try to sleep it off for a week, then go to the doctor and find out its a tumor in your brain and end up in the hospital a month after being diagnosed with cancer and die from the aggression of the disease and the treatments two months after going to the doctor with complaints of a persistant headache.

Yes, this actually happened.
And yes, I was living with my mom when she tried excedrin and water and shoulder rubs and coffee and sleep to get rid of this damn headache.

So, if you all would tell me that green tea or a sauna or a chiropractor or yelling at my boss or watching the sunset at the beach will get rid of this 36 hour pain in my head - I'll try it and report my results.
Except you, Viewfinder, you always get me with that noreply@blogger.com BS. Do you come back to the comments and see if I talked to you? Or is it a ploy for me to get into your comments and chat back??? (I'm cranky because my head hurts and because I keep writing out emails to you and getting the mailer damion telling me I suck. I enjoy you, but let me chat back =) )

Also, can YOU post pics these days? Is blogger just picking on me because I can't figure out how to get my sidebar on the SIDE of my posts? I wanted to post another pic but it won't load.
Stupid Blogger. Hrumph.


Laurie said...

Headache - Drink a beer. Take four IBU's.

About the blog stuff...are you talking about having all your shit at the bottom of your blog and you want it back at the top?

Miss Sassy said...

yes ma'am!!!
Last time this happened I moved some of the text in the Template and got it to be next to the posts on the right instead of left hand side... this time nothing is working- AND it won't load my pics even after the big DONE pops up.

Oh, and you might have a little thing goin with the beer - I haven't had alcohol since Saturday. Its because I am trying to avoid full on alcoholism since last Friday I had to bring a stiff drink back to the desk with me!!
I guess there are withdrawl symptoms for every addiction...

curmudgeon said...

Is the picture you're trying to post too big? Blogger does have a size limit. It says 'done', but alas, no picture. And no error.

I use photobucket.com for most of my pictures. It's free, easy, and gives you a link you can just slap the fuck right into a blog! Give it a try.

As for the headache, sorry. I don't have any ideas beyond ibuprofen or such. Unless you can get someone to give you a firm neck massage to get rid of that stress tension you've built up. . .

Viewfinder said...

sassy, i didn't know you'd tried to email me... and yes, of course i see what you've said in comments.

silly girl, my contact info is right on my profile page!

as for your pics, curmudgeon has a point... how big are your pics? i try to keep mine to about 200k on my blogs, then they seem to load no problem.

finally, i'm sorry about your headache... my wife gets them now and then, usually brought on by her awful sinuses... when the usual excedrin-type drugs fail, we fall back on massage and sex...

i once read -- honest to goodness -- that sexual activity draws blood away from the brain, and so can relieve a headache... anyway, it's worth a try...

Mom of Three said...

Very seriously, you need a cleanse. Go online and find out what you need for a blood and liver cleanse. You probably have tons of impurities in your liver, for obvious reasons!!! I will look into it...but Goldenseal is a MUST. Other than an MRI, I don't know what else to suggest!!!

Jon said...

Ok. I spent a minute or two on your sidebar. First, it looks like you copied the sidebar section to the bottom of your page. the section has to be returned to the top of the page where it originally was. Then, you have to edit the #sidebar section of your stylesheet to change the line "float:right" to "float:left"

In testing, that fixed your issue. If you have issues, drop me a mail.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Inclined treadmill. That's my nightmare.

Miss Sassy said...

Laurie - it worked!!

Curmudgeon - yea! I'll start photobucket and save the blogger headaches for the text =)
Incidentally, do you think it too forward for a 20something with a push up bra to go to a bar looking for massages?

VF - thanks for the tips, I'm looking into what is the culprit. Very strange from my end - I just write and hit the picture button and somehow the entire look of the page gets jacked.
As for the sex remedy, I've heard the same for menstral cramps - the body is cramping from pain and then orgasm and so stops (what feels like to me) inducing labor for a bit. I'm looking forward to seeing what else sex can cure =)

MOT - indeed, a detox would probably fix a multitude of sins... maybe next paycheck I'll splurge!!

Jon - I sent you an email, did you get it?

LBB - you know what? MINE TOO. Took me 45 min to work off (according to the counter) the same distance and calories I can pump out in 25 min on the elliptical.
And my feet hurt when I was done.
Yoga tonight - I know what to expect there, but it will still be excercise and a struggle to get to class.

More soon, I promise - perhaps a rambling of the random thoughts I've been bouncing around.

Laurie said...

I see you fixed your shit, woman.


curmudgeon said...

Holy bat shit Robin - call the commissioner! The template's working again!

"Incidentally, do you think it too forward for a 20something with a push up bra to go to a bar looking for massages?"

I'm sure you would have plenty of offers. :)