Monday, January 23, 2006

Um, ME??

So I was all hating sitting here with no gumption to even look at the work I had to do... so I filed a little stack, then another little stack, then took off for lunch.
I ended up going home for all the healthy and yummy snacks I don't have to spend money on and to refill my spirit with dog kisses and my pillbox with ibuprofin =) =)
My fave roomie was home, just hangin, and asked how my day was.
I gave her the long version, then she told me about a job offer she got, and we gabbed and snacked and played with the dogs and then I had a bowl of Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream with pecans and Hershey Syrup to make soup out of it and curled up watching the last 10 minutes of whatever was on TV before going back to work.
Well you know what!!??? It was the show ending at 3pm.
I left for lunch at 10 to 1pm.

THEN my other roomie came home with some story and I had one foot out the door winking at my fave roomie and ditching mid sentance.
I slide into my desk hoping the voicemail waiting isn't some urgent 2pm meeting I was supposed to attend to... check my emails for my bosses meeting request or "let me know when you get this" that she passive aggressively catches me with...
There was NOTHING.
W H E W.
There is the tell tale giggle of my group going out to their smoke break turned walking gabfest behind my cube wall to get to the elevator (yep, they are quiting smoking and walking instead but take the elevator instead of the stairs - run with that!)
I feel I'm safe.

10 minutes later my cube wall sharer comes over and asks the status of a project I haven't touched that I was told about a week and a half ago.
I say I'm 50% done.
Then my boss comes over and asks that I please remember to write on the board where I go and when I'll be back.
I nearly started with the excuses, but they didn't need them.
And since then I've found the stack of missing folders to scan the contents of, did all the scanning and copying, found out this week will have no less than FIVE planned projects for me (even though they are supposed to be to busy to remember I exist), and I have rediscovered the color of my desk.
And type all this.
All in the two hours since I've been back.

Here's the kicker - I did nothing all morning, took basically a two and a half hour lunch break, and came back to the office to be admired for my wardrobe (I found a totally cute Jackie O kinda coat to match my skirt while I was home) and be introduced to the new girl (who filled the cube I cleaned and marred myself for last week) as "well, shes just amazing - she gets everything done and is always keeping right on top of whatever you give her and shes just a dream to work with".
From the boss bitch.
Who just curled her lip and asked me to check out for lunch.


I smiled quite in shock and told the new girl if she needs any office supplies to come ask and once she is settled to call me for all her copying, scanning, faxing, mailing, and filing needs. =)
Take that Miss I'm Too Smug For My Tiny Frame Sucka!!
I quickly plugged my headphones in and stood in front of the copy machine for the next 45 min.
In heels.
While my body fights itself in the natural process of "you got fucked but your a good girl and remembered the condoms to avoid not seeing me again so lets make this a good one - HA!" vs. "I really can't be laying in bed all day so empty that bottle of little red pills right here in the back of my throat, there ya go".
And I find myself knocked up on muscle relaxants enough to think of carting two full file cabinets to my desk to get a fresh start on this project for tomorrow... or maybe making it to the gym... or just standing in front of the copier for another hour...

Yep, gotta love drugs man!!!
Best yet - my mom got me hooked - oh, and their LEGAL!!! And CHHHEEAAAPPPP! Ah, the simple pleasures in life.
So in another hour I'll need this kind of support... there could be worse things...

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