Monday, January 09, 2006

Weekend Wonderings

How is it possible to have hurt one's big toe enough to have it sore for a day and begin bruising at the end of a second... without a mark on the shoe or toe to lend a clue as to what happened to cause the lingering pain??

Is there an old addage along the lines of "if someone offers you gum/mint/parsley/muzzle, take it" that applys to the use of getting rid of noisy inhabitants of the nose??

Since when is bahklava not a substantial source of calories; namely, if it is so filling, how can it not soak up alcohol?

Are there special stores that the aged know of that sell Honey Pepper Vodka and Chocoate Chip Cookie liqour that I can get on the Do Tell list about?
Similarly, how do gay guys know how to dress a table, prepare a platter, and make a tuna sandwich a beautiful addition to a hors de vours spread without any formal training or addiction to any of the numerous How To channels?

Who taught my dog to wake up at 7:30am only on the days that I don't have to be at work? And why didn't they tell her the roomates are just as capable of opening the back door for her? And how is it that if I acknowledge her and explain that mommy has a headache induced by sugar and a poorly timed drink switch and that she will be up when her head stops fighting with her, does it make said loveable sweet wonderful life companion of a mutt interpret it to be lick-mommy-in-the-face-until-the-ears-get-rubbed-and-all-the-rest-of-the-four-indoor-animals-come-in-and-say-hi-to-mommy-too-Day? Hmm? Was it you???

They blame everything on genes these days... is there a say as to the genetically predispositioned night owl yet? And does staying up past midnight every night for three weeks (with or without Vegas or Gay Birthday Parties as a reason) make it a habit or an acknowledgement of my truest self?

Is Bugs Butt right with this list, namely #18?? Is He really less of an anomoly of weakness in my life and more a bonding point for me to understand the rest of my female kind? And as for #10, should I stop thinking I deserve to make a decent wage and be glad I have upgraded to real noodles from Ramen in a mere 5 years after graduating?

Who ever said "its a cold day in January..." isn't from So. Cal. I was in my bikini tanning at 10am. [insert raspberry zerbit here]
I almost had to put on a sweater last night, but the warm breeze kept the house just above that chill factor.
[yes, I'm just rubbing it in now. Deal.]

How many hours do you have to be awake between naps for it not to be considered a "slept the day away" kinda day? Does hangover stupor count as sleep?

After almost politely telling a work guy 'it ain't gonna happen", is there any reason why I can't meander to a few offices up from his and blatently engage in conversation with the guy I would LOVE to have a Happy Hour drink with and get to know better (since he's finally in town and engages me in conversation whenever he can?)

If you sleep in PJs that cover all your skin except feet, hands, and face... is it really that big a deal to forget your sheets in the dryer and roll up in the expensive-as-two-mani/pedi-days-to-dry-clean comforter? Or are sheets the magic barrier to keep the dust mites off the why-is-it-$2-for-my-fave-shirt-but-this-blanket-costs-WHAT$$$$????? blankets with or without PJs?

If I just keep asking random questions, with the time between todays fire drill that killed any ambition I had to work and the time I can officially run out the door seem smaller than if I just stare at the graining of the grey cloth walls?

If I leave my computer on but leave the building, will anyone be able to tell that I won't be back tonight???
bwaaa haa haa... I think I found a dare I can follow through on!!!!

OK, I just found this site on a blogroll and have scammed a few of my faves... the cool stuff I've been posting has mostly been from, then there are the everywhere-and-up-my-inbox-too kind (see above) but these little gems are gonna be from and since I can't think of a blog that would use this one - and it is Just So Cute - I'll share it with you now:


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Thanks for the mention. I LOVE ponderings like these, BTW.

Good point with the PJs. I've wondered that myself.

Mom of Three said...

How can I answer all these questions if the thing isn't right in front of me? Let's see..

1. My dogs have an internal clock that does not recognize B. Franklin's Daylight Savings Time. Thatmeans that they wake up an hour earlier for half the year, want their dinner earlier for half the year, etc. Now they get up at five in the morning for potties and woe if you don't take them out!

2. Putting a sheet between you and your comforter will not keep dust mites away, Your mattress is full of billions. But it may keep the oils form yourhands and feet from darkening the edges of the comforter.

3. The blanket is expensive because that's how they get ya.

4. How can I have a college education and just have discovered the "Show Original Post" button?

5. Abby is currently licking the butter sauce out of the inside of the microwave popcorn bag.

6. I had a hangnail on my big toe once. I never realized how often it got banged around until that happened. Your toes are constantly getting macked, but you don't pay attention until they're sore. It was dreadful. I had to go to the hospital to get it cut out.

7. Baklava is incredibly fattening!!!! My uncle was Greek!

8. Gay guys rule. They can also name a 112 different varieites of cheese.

9. I have been a night owl my entire life. When I was an infant, I woke up at 10 a.m. How normal is that? Every other kid I know wakes up naturally at 6, 7 tops. Except mine, who stay up with me until 1 a.m. every day, and then sleep until 11. I have an 11:40 a.m. appointment tomorrow and I have to set the alarm to be up at 10! However, I can drive straight through the night and clean a floor at 11 p.m. without feeling tired. There was a theory that in the VERY old days, one person had to stay awake to keep the tribe's fire going, firewatch. Therefore, the descendants of these people are naturally night owls.

I missed your beep in today. We bought out Build a Bear. Well, not really, the bill just made it feel that way. But wehad two very happy girls and now my bear is dressedlike a fire fighter.

With a black bow.