Friday, December 30, 2005

Vegas Baby

It was mentioned weeks ago.
Now I'm packing for it.
Well, I'm avoiding packing for it.
I am going to the gym and then the grocery store and then the bank and then I will paint my toe nails and take a shower and shave and primp and THEN I will pick Him up and Then we will come and have dinner and T H E N I will pack for our trip to Vegas.
I'm not scared really. Just nervous. And the mini nervous breakdown last night helped a lot.
The roomie caught me though. Thought I looked, well, not ok.
"I'm fine. I just decided to tell my car stereo what I was worried about before He was in the car to hear it. Want a White Russian with me?"
We didn't get that far. Girl talk til midnight. Very much better.
Didn't sleep much last night. Big problem since I'll be up all night tonight. Fuck.

The dog went to the vet. KaChing.
The car got the outside waxed and the inside shampooed. KaChing!
The car insurance check went through with the rent check. CHINGCHINGCHINGCHING.
And the roomie took off before I could pay for bills. Damn it.
I have no idea how much money He is bringing or what to expect to pay for a room or food or liquor store drinks.
Fuck. I broke my CHING.
Hey, the savings account isn't broke. And it holds January's bill money. Time to go live a little.
Make some memories I won't share in the next ten years. Hope my eyeballs and liver make it through the weekend. Hope I don't get rained on. Hope He doesn't expect a ride home if He takes off with a stripper. Hope I bring enough water to keep my brain from sticking to my skull. Hope a street party is all it takes to remember I am still a kid. Hope I stop worrying about sleeping in my car. Hope I remember where to find my car.
Know that His bright sky blue eyes will remind me the weekend is for living, not wishing.
Know that I won't regret missing this chance.
Know that my world is revolving around me instead of Him and I am off to Vegas Baby!


Mom of Three said...

I remember well the illicit trip I took to Reno, almost 15 years ago, with an ex-boyfriend. We stayed at the Circus Circus and, after gambling got thoroughly blitzed on champagne. The next morning, I was half-dead, and there was a light dusting of snow on the ground. But I don't remember the hangover, I remember the night! Have a great time and make him pay for everything.

curmudgeon said...

Welcome to my town baby!

Hope you already have a room reserved.
And yes, you will need a LOT of money. CHAAAACHIIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGG!!!!

Miss Sassy said...

curmudgeon - Thanks for your welcome... it was brilliant!!!
Nope - I just jumped in the car after my copilot got off work on Friday and busted ass through traffic to roll into the Tropicana and enjoy the mirrored ceiling ;)
And yeah, CHACHING is right- but I didn't go into the red even with the weekend's room rates so that is giving me a Very Happy New Year!!!

mot - oh, see, you give me shit but you have similar skeletons in YOUR closet ;)
Thanks to two cases of water, I don't remember the hangovers either - but he does!!! Ha!