Friday, September 28, 2007


It was nicely, and they are giving me a kind of severence, but I was fired this morning.
I'm having a hard time wording the "I'm giving 2 weeks" letter, but I'm sure something will pop out.
It's entertaining at this point, the shock has worn off and I'm looking at all the things that I can shred and use as packing materials.
I'm set to move out of the apartment this weekend, board a plane Tuesday for a 2 week vacation, and try to decide if I want to return to So Cal at the end of it or not.
I could stay local, but I might as well bail, right??

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The word of the day.
Absolutely defines what I have been busying myself with for the past 4 hours.
I was going to plow through my work this morning and skip lunch break and leave early to deal with some of the details of moving that require before-5pm attention, but as it stands I was having conversations that every one of my other office staff had with clients because "somehow I just think it isn't getting through and I've talked to you the most over the past few weeks and just feel better telling you directly because I want you to not miss anything I've told your partners". A good hour of my morning was spent getting someone to the right place because a message was left at her home last night asking her to report to work - come to find out the name of the place wasn't part of that message so we had her 25 miles in the wrong direction - when I tried to get some information out of the person who I thought would have it, I was told to let it sit and have a meeting instead of working out the details; 30 minutes later I have an embarrassed worker at the wrong office and the office staff wondering what kind of organization she is working with if we are sending people to the wrong place - all the while an office across the county is left wondering why they asked for our help and it's not there.

Miscommunication. Definately the word of the day.

Monday, September 24, 2007


I've been called a lot of things, but never did I think I'd ever be the kind of girl who could be called "crackhead" and have it apply.

I didn't clue in to chew gum until well into day two... I'm on a liquid diet until further notice only because I'm well on my way to a snap-diagnosis of TMJ and the dentist will be ripping my mouth open on Thursday.

Side note - I'm looking into laptops and digi cams at the same time I get a catalog for a Pleasure Party across my desk at work. I'm going on a major 2 week vacation in a week and moving this weekend and apparently I'm dead set on blowing a shitload of money... nothing like 2 all-nighters to get you thinking you need everything under the sun in your posession =) But, I don't do shopping very well at all, so I've been a bit of a pest about referrals for these items... also, I need a great dress for a dinner in NYC at a place that used to have a great view of WTC - if anyone can think of where I'm being taken (it's a birthday surprise!!!) and how to appropriately dressed (black cocktail dress was mentioned, mine is a bit hussy though) and where I can find a dress (maybe in NYC???) that mere mortals can afford (and shoes to go with???), I'd be more than appreciative!

I nearly forgot my word of the day - onetouchcumable.
That was my physical state for about an hour today, verified when Aunt Flo demanded I stop looking at the party catalog and dislodge the sopping wet cotton rocket and give her one SHE could use. I like how it is one word but says so much.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

new favorite word

perhaps if I stop trying to make every post a soul search, I'll get here more often.

so, today, I offer my new favorite word: twatmonster.
typically used as a nicname, it can also become an adjective if I'm so inclined.
feel free to drop this into you adult conversations and watch te creativity ensue.