Friday, January 27, 2006


Its mid afternoon on a Friday.
It is a relentless fight of will power to stay here.
I don't know what I would do if I weren't here, but damn it I know there is something out there to do.
Complicating the issue is my dedication to reading blogs - and one of my favorites participates in CBW - and with Aunt Flo on her merry F*ing way out of my life, and a weekend to stare down, and a bigggg blurred cock in my face, all I can think of is who I will pounce this weekend.
And no, MOT, He is not on the damn list!!!
Think a solo quicky will make it EASIER to sit in my desk like a good little temp??
Or that I'll be able to concentrate on the four projects I could be doing right now?

Hmmm... only time will tell I suppose... but Happy Hour is really coming up quick... and I know my favorite roomie just got paid... and so did I... hhmmmmm...

EDIT: Confession: I was such a clutz this morning... I got the new creamer out of the fridge, noticed it wasn't pouring, twisted off the big cap to remove the seal - reading carefully the 'shake well' notice on the foil - , twisted the cap back on, and shook vigorously. Well, until I felt the smack of creamy white goo on my face. I forgot to snap shut the cap folks. And was TOTALLY late to work because I decided to wipe up the goo my dogs wouldn't eat for me instead of leaving a splatter of white splash across the kitchen.
Furthermore, it was due to this lame ass move and other amazingly lame things happening today that I fought my way through a lunch at home... homemade lasagna, pups to pet, a gym bag to pack (Thanks Curmudgeon Post!!)... and could NOT resist the urge to take the empty water bottle, dump a Diet Coke can into it, and fill the empty 4 oz space with Bacardi Dark.
Yep, Thats Right - I am confessing to you that I brought alcohol onto the worksite. Its taken me a good two hours to work it into my system, but right about now I am afraid to get up and go to the printer!!!!
Ah, its better than not being here at all I guess.
And I'm in a much better mood - though the CBW is still firmly imprinted as the ONLY thought in my head.
Oh, and I'm SUPER caffeinated too... that doesn't help a damn thing.

Hope its not too much pressure to keep my secrets. I'm a major clutz and apparently working on a serious alcohol addiction with a minor segway into a hair trigger sex drive. But seriously, isn't diet soda SO not tasty when its not a mixer???


Viewfinder said...

oh, you bet... diet coke with either rum or jack truly spices things up.

Avatar is one of my faves too... I even like cbw (male and straight, so what!)... went so far as to offer her an entry some months ago, but alas, it never made the page (humph!)

the bare frame said...
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Datingmaster, Jerusalem said...

come over honey you need a guy like me

the bare frame said...
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the bare frame said...

o my goodness, miss sassy!

was that you dropping in in the middle of the workday to linger over such blatant sensuality?

i think i like you more all the time, neighbor...

Miss Sassy said...

Well, I like to peek in on the people who are kind enough to read and respond to me... and I did read the notices and wait until the cubemate left before scrolling quickly to see what you're all about...

I'll be back...

curmudgeon said...

Ugh. Diet Coke.
Maybe if there was enough Jack to completely hide the taste.
Like 10 parts Jack to 1 part DC.
Might be too light to take to work though.

the bare frame said...

good... once you decide what I'm all about, do let me know -- been wondering for some time now!