Thursday, January 26, 2006

Cut Off

At exactly what point are you a loner?
I mean, I have dropped the bar flys, ditched the one nighters turned regulars, been dumped by anyone resembling a dating relationship, and chosen to stop talking to a number of other drag-me-downs.
And now, I realize that even my cubemate is on my shitlist. She and her "Am I fired or not?" attitude have been funkin up the atmosphere in here for days and now that she is past her technical 'last day' and everyone can laugh about her maybe being fired this week, I just don't wanna talk to her.
Sure, she usually isn't much of a peach, but this week I had no less that THREE great mornings that turned into days of self loathing, bad karma, and lots of drinking after work to drown my 'what ifs' in...
That bitch has, at least for the day, been cut off.
And no amount of "I didn't like this scone from the deli, do you want it?" is gonna fix it.


curmudgeon said...

Okay, what did you do now?

The toolbar that is supposed to be on the right side of posts but was on the bottom below posts so you tinkered around and moved it to the left - is now on the bottom below posts!!!!

But I use firefox so it may be fine with Internet Exploder.

Mom of Three said...

You're not a loner. You're simply taking time to work on yourself so that you will attract healthier people and live a more introspective life. This is a positive thing! Buzzing around with all the other barflies was just distracting you from finding your own truth.

curmudgeon said...

And the pigeon says: "Where's my rice? I dropped my rice! I dropped it into my milk! On my paper plate! My rice is in the milk on a white paper plate! On the snow!"

I figger you would know what the hell I was yammering on about but no one else would.

Ok. I'm sorry.

curmudgeon said...

What the hell? I said pigeon?
I meant penguin.

What a senile old curmudgeon. Fuck!