Monday, January 23, 2006

Um, yeah... Sorry, what?

Its noon on a Monday here in Cubeville.
My cubemate has successfully told me of all her dieting triumphs and has already had two meals and a snack.
I've been here less than three hours.
My boss has come to give me one piece of paper and a heads up that the rest of my department will be excrutiatingly busy until Friday and therefore I will have nothing to do until next week.
She told me this two weeks ago - last week was a constant train of work to do immediately so I don't know what she is actually preparing me for this week.
Except that she won't be here Thursday afternoon.

I think I'll go see a movie with my roommate then. Yep, thanks for the notice!

So I'm here, iWannaBePod cranked up to avoid listening to the wheezing and chomping over a chicken salad with apples and walnuts... I've moved some stacks of work around my desk so if the boss comes back it looks like I've worked... had a Rockstar for breakfast instead of coffee and still Aunt Flo is incessantly knocking on the door hard enough to shake off the window treatments without actually coming in and offering any real relief... and the sooooooopppppeeerrrrr cute guy with the office at the corner of I-don't-wanna-be-here and my bosses office is here and gave me a huge smile while he let me know he's only here until 1pm before dashing back off across the country.

Yep. Its daydream central around here. Wouldn't it be lovely for him to have two minutes to tell me what he does and how to be at his side for even a moment on one of these adventures across the country?? Talk amoungst yourself, I have a dream to attend to. ... ...

The pluses if the weekend - My roomie that I didn't meet until the day after she moved in is only slightly annoying. Shes 22 and fresh out of college and skweaky and gets visibly tossed off one Miller Lite. But she has a few thoughts and some life experience and the fact that she is a size 2 is only a little frustrating while I am trying to convince myself the spinach salad for dinner was plenty to sustain me until bed time. But she was conversationally stimulating enough to keep me from trolling the fridge, so that was nice.

I was at the ocean twice in the last week. Both times I ended up sobbing uncontrollably. No idea why but I hate Aunt Flo for lots of reasons, including my snot smears on my car blanket. Fortunately I got to have a little wonderful moment of clarity - or seven. This left me with the need to sleep immense amounts of my weekend away. This is still fortunate, as I also cried the tears right out of my looming black clouds and slept until the wind carried away their traces.
I woke this morning actually refreshed.
Thank you beach access parking lots and concrete steps to the sand - tourists and sob stories would be lost without you.

Since none of my 'friends' called me back this entire weekend, I realized its time for a quest- stop keeping to yourself and show the world some Miss Sassy already!! This being alone business is really not for me, and being trapped in the back of a cube with a moose of a woman really doesn't cut it for me. If the wind had died down, and if my body isn't in full revolt, maybe I'll go somewhere public for lunch. Just sit and be pretty for a while in my heels and skirt and notice-me-pink top. Hey, Sooper Cutie noticed, why shouldn't the rest of the lunching population?

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curmudgeon said...

Helluva funk you've got going on there. Sorry...