Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Jigga What?

I don't know if its the full moon, the three day weekend, the cold nights, the cloud covered days, or the general lack of umph in my step thanks to Aunt Flo taking her sweet ass time getting here... but I can't keep my mind on one single thought or project for more than 162 seconds at a time.

I had a great post idea on Sunday... its now Wednesday and I have no idea what was cool enough in my life to talk about.
I started keeping track of my $ spending and food intake and gym attendence and overall mood (indicated with the very technical "=)" or "=(" in the bottom corner of the square - right next to the "+" if I got laid and the "*" if I masturbated and the "." if that bitch Aunt Flo drops her baggage and gets all up in my space). To even look at the datebook at this point gets me looking at the plants that need to be watered, the pages of "these are the questions you will be asked in the interview" I should pick up, the novel I just finished that needs to find a place on the shelf, the hair clip stack I've built over nights of going to bed with sticks and clips and pins in my hair, the stack of clothes I've worn in the last week that I didn't get to put away or in the laundry yet, and by then the animals have spotted me standing wild eyed in the middle of my room so I'll get to pet the cat and sweet talk the dog while I'm thinking of what exactly it was I walked into the room for...
Oh, I wanted to get the phone that was ringing in my purse!!! R I G H T.
Damn I missed it.
Well, I'll do one little thing while I wait for the voicemail buzz... lets see, if I put the book away I will have a spot to write in the dayplanner but I'll have to move so much stuff on the shelf to get the book in there maybe I'll just get some water for the plant but the bottle doesn't fit in the bathroom sink so instead of going downstairs for a cup or to fill the bottle in the big sink I'll put up ONE item of clothing but the wrinkly ones are on the bottom so I should flip the stack over but then I'll forget how long its been since I wore that outfit for Sure so, well, the cat is really pushy so I should see if the food dish is empty - what is that?? Oh, the ring telling me I have a voice mail; I should see who called. Let me just pull the rings off my fingers since I'm home for the day now before I jam them in my purse... oh, look, I could file this one peice of mail with the paid bills and get SOMEthing done today in my personal realm...

This was literally my internal narrator last night.
Pamprin and Midol and IBprofin are no cure for these symptoms.
Then again, I might just be getting old enough to actually be turning into my mother.
She was like this every Saturday for years.
Crap on a Cracker, its genetic or a learned behavior or whatever way we want to say "its in ya jackhole, deal with it!"
Ah well, the cats and dogs love me... and love is all we need, right??

If you've got anything that might be interesting enough to keep my mind on for three minutes straight, I'd love the challenge!!!
Ready, Set...

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Pisser said...

Add four cats with herpes and less "+'s" and it sounds just like my life....! ":("

You can't fit a glass in my damned bathroom sink, either. Plus the cat likes to sit in there...