Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A New Day

Though I have work to do - five stacks all lined up in priority order leading to the very organized but severly neglected Pendaflex organizer box of all the stuff I avoid doing on a regular (by that I mean daily) basis - I am so overwhelmingly proud of myself I had to chat about it.

I just got an email saying "Congrats, your resume was recieved and is being reviewed!"
OK, I know its a stock email sent every time your email was opened by the recipient. Still, I applied for a job!!!! Of course this makes this job even more tedious, but to have the time to apply for new positions while carrying off some semblence of doing this slack jaw job is quite an honor. I was actually paid to look for a way out of here!

And I avoided chowing on the conference room left overs =) Stashed some virginia ham and provolone cheese rolled in lettuce with a few cherry tomatoes in my sandwich bag of a half a turkey sandwich on wheat that was the rest of my lunch I will want in a few hours... and left the entire plate of every kind of scrumptious looking but fatty tasting semi stale cookies for the other saps to groan about their wastelines over. These jeans are having a hard time staying up and By Golly I've got the Gumption to donate them by the time the warm weather comes.

Ahhhhh... you know when your at the tippy top of the roller coaster and you know the clickclickclickclick of the climb is over and your are suspended at the top of something you can't quite see? That euphoria that the anxiety is over and there is nothing left to do by lean back and breathe before the rush of whats next hits you? You can't see it yet, but your on the track and have waited this long and there will be an exhilerating pay off soon?? Thats what I feel like right now.

Back to the file cabinets - but I told you I was on my way to greater things, didn't I!!??!?!


kazimoto said...

always nice to know i'm not the only slacker shoved into a cube. i was thoroughly entertained by your posts; good luck and i hope you make it out of Cubiculistan some day.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I loved this post. And I sure know how you feel.

I used to love getting paid to search for jobs on the Internet. It felt like pure Justice.

Good luck.