Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What I can live on

Four months ago I found out that you can actually only eat frozen dinners, including Hot Pockets, as a diet plan but that you will not actually loose weight like the box tells you. Maybe its because of the beer I was drinking. Or the screwdrivers.

Two months ago I repeated likea montra "if a girl could live on compliments alone" when I was being showered hourly with how great a worker I was and how smart I am and how they appreciate me (I put papers in number order people; but it was flattering anyway).

A month ago I was regressing to the point in one's life when you figure "if I have $10, I would rather buy drinks than dinner" and actually didn't eat an evening meal for ten days straight. Again, the liquid diet does not garuntee wieght loss.

And today I am realizing that all these were stupid because I was still eating or drinking calories... I was living off a different version of ingestables. I realized this when it hit 2pm and I had ingested nothing but a normal sized, normal brew cup of coffee and normal sized cup of light OJ (roomies, gotta love them). That was in the 9am hour. Typically I can deal with that until 10:30 or 11 before I snack or graze or devour something. Today I can honestly say I lived off flirting until I was gonna pass out from adrenyline overload - oh, and no blood in my extremities and a heart rate above 300 bpm for 5 hours straight.

I've been sitting most of the day but emailing my redhead who got the ok from the g/f to act out his fantasies that she is 'too chicken' (his words) and working out if and when and what will happen when and if we meet up for drinks (he moved it from next Monday to Thursday to tonight); meanwhile I stole the cuties phone number from my cell place when he called my phone to check service and asked if his blues were natural or contacts and since he is a young (bar legal but apparently barely) and a guy we've been hashing over what may happen if he meets me outside the office.

The best part about it is... wait... its so great I need to clear my throat and wipe my eye... ... I'm not craving alcohol, sugar, baked goods, ice cream, chocolate, or a blanket to curl up under like all the other things I thought I could live off of. =) . =) . =) . I have been existing strictly on the nervous stomach, butterflies, and anticipation of being desired for the entire day to the point of staring down a deli menu and only taking a cup (not bowl) of soup and a fruit cup.

Take that Jenny Craig.

If this keeps up it will barely be Christmas and I'll be ready for a whole new wardrobe =) Who needs solid food anyway??

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