Monday, October 31, 2005

Delightful Day

OK, I admit I didn't reply to the Customer Service email because I was too busy chatting up a storm with my redheaded buddy from the last job.
Turns out he's had the conversation with his long term g/f about wanting to spread his seed or sew his oats or bang the next chick he sees (hes a little young and been a monogomist forever as far as I can deduce) and I am privy to this knowledge as he tells me he likes the idea of my daydream of making the supply closet an opportunity for afternoon delights.
His last of ELEVEN emails today firmed up that he was certain to dtermine this weeks schedule of cuddle time with the g/f and solidify when he could see me.

I'll admit to having a big ol' fashioned crush on the cute young redhead at the office who was so into his relationship that he didn't tell anyone he had it for four months and by the time I left was taking her calls about 10 times a day. And it was awsomely easy to notice which shirt/bra combos he appreciated, how standing over my desk wasn't condusive to getting any work done, and how a wink could make him trip on carpet for the rest of the day. So I'm a flirt, whatever.

Do I continue this flirtatious path and tease him through a few beers and send him home?? Take advantage of his eagerness and let the consequences be his? Be truthful with myself in knowing that satisfying an old crush would probably make me want a relationship more than squelch anything? And do I really want to knowingly be the other woman? He would tell her willingly and everything!!! Like right now he is dressing for his softball game and talking to her about what he could do with another woman that wouldn't freak her out. Uh huh.

And he'll be getting back to me tomorrow.

And I can't wait.

So bad... so cliche... so easy!!!

Is this what dad meant by keeping friends from the places I've been??? ha!


Mom of Three said...

I have now eaten more Halloween candy than my kids combined. Those little Snickers minis rock, I just hope I fit into my jeans later.

And yes, beer does count.

Miss Sassy said...

hahahahahaha - and you're craving for Snickers is gone or magnified???
yeah, I know... but beer for dinner is so much more fun than stupid broccoli, right?