Monday, November 14, 2005

Being a Woman

I just love days when its warm enough to wear a skirt with no nylons.
Not only are the shoe options exponentially increased, there is something very scintillating about the feel of the fabric swishing across my bare ass as I walk through the building. (Thongs don't do much in the way of catching the breeze.)
Compoudly, I appreciate my knowledge of myself on days like this... the ones where my fuse is short in every aspect of life and my heartbeat is up a few points just to try to dilute the hormones in my brain. While my temper is ready for a spark, so is my work ethic and can do attitude. I am also prone to violent fits of sexual energy however; the kind that make a wink in the hallway plenty sufficient for a pounce. I'll admit the skirt isn't helping, and he hasn't winked today, but Big Red has emailed three times and Marvin Gaye came on the radio with "Lets Get It On" and it was all I could do not to ask him where he was going for lunch today!!
Ah, PMS... sometimes its just not that bad.

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Mom of Three said...

Chocolate. That's all I have to say. Chocolate. Save yourself!