Monday, November 07, 2005

This Monday Morning

Here's the thing... we had this monster project that had me here until 10pm every night the last two weeks of September and we've all been trying to catch up from that all October... and we kinda did by the last week and the whole department kinda took a deep breath and the work ethic let up. But I have only been here two months and am a temp at that so I am trying really really hard to make good impressions so I can get great recommendations when I apply for a permanent position. That won't be easy if they see I work great the first month and then sit on the work system and flirt all day after that =) I have lots of catch up to do since the rest of the 6 hours a day stuff was still coming to me the whole month I was dedicated to the monster... and with last weeks lax behavior my Friday personal deadline to clear my desk was a pipe dream.

So I am recommiting myself to my possible career this morning and every morning until the work gets done and promise that my social life is absolutely important but not my priority between 9am and 6pm. I do get a lunch break though ;)

--It is supremely hard to concentrate on filing and excel spreadsheets when you are getting social invites at 9am every day!!!! This is now my standard reply to all suitors who insist on badgering me via email with "hey, are you online?" followed by "I guess you can catch me later" and then a quick "I wanted to catch you this weekend; do you email on weekends?" Its a litany of one liners that fills up my inbox and creates the possibility of distraction from what was meant to be a productive morning!!! Boys... I'm at work - I don't bug you at work; leave me alone! I'll come say hi when I feel like it and that feeling is passing with every "Whats up".


Anonymous said...

wow, i just read your comments on Avatar re: yesterday's post. I'm so sorry you are a very bitter person.

Monty said...

I reread your post on Avatar's blog, and I am amazed at how insightfull you are. To be so in touch with oneself, and your feeling, and to unuabashedly share them, even when contrary to other's opposing opinions, is to have achieved a level of maturity early in life.

I feel priviledged to have you to discuss important things with, both here and at Avatar's blog, because intelligence and common sense along with courage are hard to find. Most notably in that you used your name, rather than criticize someone else annonymously.

Thank you for your efforts.

Monty Parker
Gaithersburg, Maryland

Miss Sassy said...

Thank you Monty. I appreciate your kind words and apparent efforts. (I take it you are not said Annonymous - or that you are and have read the mentioned post in a new attitude.)

As for the name used... I guess listing a pseudoname and URL makes me more accountable to my rant retorts to Avatar and her readers than a simple Anon would. And I have no shame in admitting that the screen name is on purpose. I am new to this venue and prefer to escape into it instead of have it be as personal as my given name and current street address (as it changes so often its only constant is the county anyway). Some things must be sanctioned for the 3D friends I make =)

Very well worded post by you Monty and I look very much forward to continuing conversations with you (though I don't know how to get this reply straight back to you without you having a blog!! =( )

Monty said...

I'm probably not going to write a blog. You don't tell your readers how long it takes to really put an excellent post together. It takes a lot longer than just wring stream of consciousness.

And then you build a following, like Avatar has. Then you almost have a responsibility to your readership. I have neither the time, the skill, the commentary to do as good a job as you and Avatar are doing. Besides, Avatar can always find me. I do hold her in maximum high esteem, obviously. And I also appreciate your openess, your willingness to share, and your tolerance. Anon ought to think about that, as you delete them. Not that I have an opinion, mind you!

Mom of Three said...

Get the feeling "anonymous" lives in his mother's basement?