Sunday, November 06, 2005

Saturday Night Ramblings

This is what happens when you check your email semi-late on a weekend night and get a "hey, how is your weekend going?" email from a girlfriend. Be forwarned...

Oh, and can anyone let me know how to find pictures, copy them, and enter them here?? Carry on, ...

Oh, got an email from Mr. Customer Survey. It was Wednesday sometime and along the lines of "guess I still suck at this; had a good time; guess bye then." Well, I guess some of the steam from my redheaded evening was lingering and transformed into anger because I let him HAVE IT! I don't remember all of it but it was kinda "you sure are arrogant to think that I would take off to a Halloween party (lie, but whatever, he caught me on IM) and have the energy or wits about me to partake in a survey... I told you I'd make it thoughtful so here are my thoughts... you need self confidence. You won't get it living with your mom. There are things in this world worse than roomates and they will give you tips on how to smile at a girl when she walks up to you - or any time in the next two hours you are with her." The reply back was "I'm a dork. I didn't see 40 Yr Old Virgin b/c I thought it would hit too close to home, just like your email did. I was just hoping to grope you this weekend. Damn weak facial muscles (actual last line)" Um, yeah. Not training that one!!

You heard about Big Red... for some reason it took two days for me to get that it wasn't about me at all. I wanted to be his friend and talk (well, email) and see how it was going but by the time Thursday morning came around I just sent a reply to whatever it was that "its cool... you know how to reach me whenever you want. Have a fantastic day". Not expecting anything from him before Christmas ;)

Its now Saturday night and my roomate just came home with a date. he reaks of cologne - that one kind that guys wear because it smells like them but more alcholic. And the dose... they just got out of the car together, why in Bobo's name would you walk out of a car and do that to yourself?? After hearing the conversation about how they would take off to get more red wine followed by that distinct I-finally-got-the-nerve-to-kiss-her pause - from the couch where I was trying to get in all my Tivo shows, I decide to take my evening upstairs. The afternoon alcohol has worn off, I've watched the movie I planned to, and really I shouldn't continue these late nights as the day job is starting to suffer. Well, they moved to the back porch where I can hear everything from my bedroom window and my not so subtle jesture of going upstairs was refused just as well as my wave through the window that it was TOO LOUD for 12:30 in the backyard. Stereo in the garage. Speaker straight out the door. She's deaf. And its not Mariah Carey but some rediculously whiney other wanna be sultry screech monkey.

She told me how it happened. She forgot her wallet and her car was half way through the car wash and this guy behind her picks up her tab. Why?? oh, shes blonde with a sqeeky laugh who flips her hair and doesn't realize until after the fact that she's forgotten her wallet!!!! oh, and 30 but tells people she's 25 and they buy it so she's had TWO 23 yr old b/f contenders since I've been here, one of whom was nuzzled up with her on the couch when I came home on um TUESDAY. She gives her card so he can tell her where and when to pay him back, he waives the fee and asks her out, she tells him to pick her up at the house for dinner in Malibu, and now they are here instead of some club.

And I decided not to be a lush and not have another tequila shot with my movie so I am fully awake after fighting the alcohol sleepies. And I can hear everything that is happening on their date!!

OK so I tell Big Sis (fave roomie who I share the upstairs and the bathroom with that is the mama bear of the house since she's the one who bought it with the ex-fiancee) that I didn't bring a boy over because I have a lot of roomates. She gave me the stern look of "you know that you can bring over whoever you want..." and I said "yeah, but I wasn't sure I wanted him here" and she said "well, you can use us as an exuse if you want to (big giggles and smiles had by all), but don't think you can't, OK?" Maybe she'll get the hint that I don't like her b/f here because of his booming voice and degrating 'baby' every three seconds and thank all things precious that she was on the rag the week he was proving she was important to him and would make the four block drive to her place for a change. Fortunately she is back on the sucked up on the boy phase and over there all day and night again. Really cuts in on my masterbation when there are others around, you know?? The point was that I am really considerate of others and that Miss In the Middle decides its ok to mack on whichever guy she has that night (not judging, just jealous) all over the house loudly and in public and then goes on to disturb the neighbors about it... I wish she would get back with the 1st 23 year old and stay at his place some more.

They just walked out - I'm gonna have a shot... want me to take one for you?? no huh. Oh, just the beer chaser?? Alrighty, see you in two min =)
Well, it was just him who left. No need to intoxicate myself into a coma. YEAH!!! EL YEAH!!! Gotta love cheeeeep rent folks, I tell ya. But I think I just talked myself out of a $1000 bender weekend in Vegas or a random $150 massage treatment or even the $500 I need a New Wardrobe romp... save cash. Put in account where it can grow. Feed it and nurture it and praise it and pet it and buy my own 2 br place in five years and NOT HAVE TO LISTEN TO ANYONE BUT ME KISSING IN MY HOUSE =) =) Well, the dog will lick her ass, but...

Last night I came home and picked up the dog and drove straight back toward work to pick up take out mexican. Blah beans but the enchilada sauce was alright. I called my cousin in Reno while waiting and got a "hi, you didn't tell me you weren't coming!!! fine, I see how you are!" Um, ok, I don't know what your talking about. OH R I G H T my aunt drove from LA to Reno on a Thursday for a long weekend before she gets back to work at a real job after a year and a half and the cousin and I were hatching a plan as to how I could sneak in a trip for a party weekend. So when I found out it would mean taking three days off work, I ruled it out. And then the aunt calls me Monday - three days before departure - and asks if I don't like taking trips alone anymore; assures me I will hate the idea when I get older; asks me if I wanna go. Didn't even try to think outside her thick skull to win me over with 'don't you want to see the family? Got a trip right here for ya!' just straight to "I'ma ascrrrred to be in a car alone and no one else I know will go; I guess books on tape will cut it... =( =( " I could just imagine us at the gas station and be goin 'you want what???' oooohhhhh better... the conversation that day about how her car has been acting funny and we can get mine tuned up when we get back!!! hahahahahaha Um, no.
So I get this ration of kicked in the face via phone call and a quick recap of all the seriously retarded things my aunt has done since she got there (always the drama queen, its always the most important thing for her to be in your town) and a promise that after dinner she'll call me at home (still no luck flirting with the cell phone place guy enough to wave the cancelation of contract fees because the small company with big minutes doens't have a tower to reach the top of the moutain with signal) to hear about what happened in my week that got me so distracted I didn't work in a phone call to repeat that I in fact would not be in the car coming from CA.
This family is great isn't it?? I get three conversations about a trip from the aunt and an invite only when it would be impossible for me to do anything besides call in sick and give myself a five day weekend and four conversations about how I would do all the work to get there but the party would be great and oh I have to make all the outgoing calls to set it up so she can get away from the rugrats for a night and she never called me to discuss details but gives me an earful about me not changing the original plan and no one thought to ask if I had called for any reason at all (I Never call without some juicy tidbit - she's too busy for more than 5 min ever and I just don't get any dirt from her including the dates she was an hour from me for a full week a month ago).

Its been a monster of a week. There is a noticeable pendulum swing in my life pattern and this week was a social one. In fact I had to check my books to remember that is was less than a week ago I had nothing but wishful thinking about the cutie with the blue eyes at the phone place to work with... big big big week. Too much to handle when it all comes back on you like that... fun, exhausting, thought provoking, moral testing, talent finding, weight reducing (the roomies asked my secret - I said nervous stomach for a week - the blonde didn't get it), temper flaring, wish fulling, spine reinforcing few days that proved I am a woman who stands behind all the hot air she blows wind bagging over a glass of wine with the hypocritical roomies.
No regrets.

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