Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sex and Vodka

Flashbacks are lovely sometimes.
I distinctly remember a time in my life when the hard dreamless sleep induced by vodka and hard fast sex was rudely cut short by my day job which allowed me to support this habit. It was a short lived phase, lending quickly to intermitent reminders of why its either a full time lifestyle or reserved for weekends.
Today I have cause to remember the adrenyline rush that used to get me through these days. The wonderous Morning Riser Smoothie My Way from the joint across the street and the servers could always tell I wouldn't be needing the confirmation that two shots were my desire in the chocolate raspberry yougurt hangover cure. The girls in the office stopping in to dig for the details and giggle wildly as they rushed up the stairs to their desk covered in pictures of family life they had momentarily forgotten while pretending to live in my world. That sweet view of my bed in the setting sun when my commitment to the day of being a stand up contributing citizen was over and I could rest my aching eyes. The days when dinner was not necessary and neither were pajamas as the simple release of will power to remain upright was satisfactory to put me into a blissful sleep for a few hours.

I've sent my thank you note to the kind sir who gave cause for these reflections. He was gracious in his reception. I've drunk the heat of the sunshine in the backseat of my car and gave in to the desire to rest. I've appreciated my ability to find a haristyle that needs no effort to cover that it is not freshly washed or that it has just been slept in.

As I feel the afternoon caffeine and sugar circulating my mind wanders to the view of my bed at this time of day... under the window, the sun filtered by the blinds, a strong sunbeam across the askew pillows, blankets tossed about with enough of a crevice right near the top to grip with one directed and meaningful hand and fall into the freshly changes sheets that feel like a big t-shirt.

The countdown has begun. In a few short hours I will complete the trip down Memory Lane, having all the weary smiles of a hard treck victoriously completed again.
I guess some things I'm not too old for =)


Monty said...

LOL. I think back too. Brings enormous pleasure!

Monty said...
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Mom of Three said...

You know, this is the reason why I don't advocate going into marriage a virgin. Even if the relationships don't last, we all need those memories of our sexier days to put a smile on our faces now and again, if only to remember how good WE once looked!

Monty said...

You're a great philosopher, mom. I wish i had your memories too!