Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Is this the kind of guy...

who looks like he might say "I appreciate you getting back in touch with me. I'm in the middle of changing jobs. I have to say you can touch my chest but THATS IT. Its not you... I just can't get distracted right now." ????????????????????????

Now, I thought he was gay. I DID. But I had called him from 20 minutes away one night and with two chugged beers and a wink I had rugburn and short breath to Prove he knew what to do with a woman.
I admit it was my fault we lost touch. I got a new phone number and didn't transfer his number to the new address book - he would rather watch Rocky IV in a restaurant than look me in the face. Not my kinda date. If he'd have let me back to his place, I'd have been all over it. But he never did.
Either way, I saw this pic on a networking site and thought "how nice do I have to be for how long before I feel the power of those arms wrapped around my legs as he pulls me into those flexed abs and lets me feel their power where it counts?"

He's calling me after work ;)

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