Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Microwaves Freak Me Out

First things first - if it weren't for a microwave and the food industry it supports, I would have starved or become a vegan years ago.

Having said that - how is it possible that 2 minutes can scald the outer edges of a mashed potato and gravy cup of heaven while leaving the inside a chilled brick while 20 seconds on a cookie can make the outer ring cooler than room tempurature but that middle chocolate chip worthy of Italian Mafia Torture the way it burns your unsuspecting tongue?

Love technology but... its weird. Thats all I'm sayin. Back me up. Or tell me what physical property of "warm it up all the way around and inside and out at the same time" I am missing.


Monty said...

Microwaves are randomly bombareded inside the microwave chamber. They tend to cook from the inside to the outside. The microwaves excite molecules in the food being cooked. If the food is cooking in spots, cut the power, and cook longer.

Roonie said...

I ALWAYS WONDER THE SAME THING! How can it be a cinder block of ice after it just spent two minutes under the intense heat lamp in there? I do NOT get it!

Shay said...

That happens with my cookies too - it shockes me every time, biting into a barely warm cookie and getting burnt by the chocolate chip!

Maybe you should try stirring the potatoes? Sometimes that helps - cook for a minute or so, give it a stir and then put it back in.

Mom of Three said...

Ahhh. You are young and don't remember when those things first came out! Apparently, in those first models, the little holes in the front of the door? Weren't small enough to keep the microwaves from bouncing outside!

My generation had the microwaves that were as huge as a TV set, so of course, we were mesmerized and had to try to nuke everything we could find...my friend Sandra's brother, Rudy, did the fork. He was an idiot, anyhow, and that finished off their microwave!

Then there's the lady in Leisure World who tried to dry her small dog in one...POP!

Yeah, I can back you up. Technology is wierd!