Tuesday, November 15, 2005


You know those days when you go to the coffee and you expect it to be the cheap sludge that even dinners won't use and you have to fill the cup half full of dry creamer and sugar cubes just to choke it down but you DO because there is no possible way you can sit at your desk and keep your eyes open for any more than 4.2 minutes without it and even though you know all those indigestion commercials will be very important to you in the fairly near future because of it you can't let go of the idea of not getting that warm cup of caffeine in you in the morning and when the day comes that you catch a gourmet in the kitchenette brewing what looks and smells and feels like actual real fresh java you stand and wait for the whole pot to brew just to be sure you don't have to deal with the rot gut junk that will surely be what this magnifisence is replaced with and there is just enough creamer left in the fridge to make it a smooth creamy barely sweetened with the aroma of french vanilla that makes your heart warm just to smell it... the day that your thermal mug gets filled and a paper cup just so you won't have to think in the afternoon of what a glorious morning fix you had and be so overwhelmingly disappointed with the goop of normal days when the afternoon sleepies need to be shoed away so you can manage to twitch your way through the last two or three hours of the day without realizing you didn't see the sunshine yet today and so you don't notice the greyness of the cubicle walls around you...
When this is the entire thought process repeated for two hours, you know your an addict.
And my company is my pusher.
Gotta Love Corporate America.

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Monty said...

I just left a place where there was a Starbucks just off one corner of my department. Every kind of coffee you'd ever want. Strong, rich, flavorfull.....getting a little light-headed here. Never worry, I understand, I have the same addiction. Try the Guatemalan coffee, to die for!