Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Help Me - I want a Better Blog

I had the time and I played with finding pictures and posting them next to all the comments of todays other post but I just don't get it. I added a list of new pics and none of them but the first came up - and that was an empty box!!!

I DID figure out how to turn the words blue so you can click on them and link to what I'm talking about... =) Big Yeah!! I am feeling real on top of things since this site is obviously built to be easy to use and I can't figure it out.

Or maybe this is the perfect opportunity to bat my lashes at the Techies and have them not report that I blog at work while they help me understand these darnded 'pooters?? The one last week asked if I would apply to work with them... he's prime for the noggin picken for Sure!!

Seriously folks, it can't be hard. I'm at a mental agility low and am not reading any stinkin help page to get me out of it =) Just pat me on the head and tell my cursor where to point and I'll get some awsomely appropriate, clever, entertaining pics to go along with the next few mind pours, ok?


Monty said...

Ask Pisser or Avatar. Pisser runs "The Pissed Kitty Cometh" and you already know Av. I'm a virgin here, sorry. Back to cooking for tomorrow.

Mom of Three said...

See, I don't have the hyperlink down, but I do have the photo thing down. It's that yin and yang of the blog world.

When you are in your screen where you type in text, there is an HTML tab. Click on that. There will be a little icon of a photograph. Click on it. It will let you browse, you can go to your desktop or wherever you store your photos on the computer, and grab it, and post it.

Now, how was your T-day? Ours was eerily quiet, but good!

Hitting the stores tomorrow? Not here...

curmudgeon said...

Hey there! Thanx for stopping by my blog. It gave me a chance to click the referral and read yours!

So far, I like it.

Now what is it you want to do? I'm not sure I savvy.
Send me an email and maybe I can hep' out.