Thursday, November 03, 2005

Note to Self

When your sitting stewing in your thoughts its not a good idea to keep a cold beer in your hand the Whole time.
Switch to water at some point.
Don't think email is any different than calling or texting - its still part way into the middle of the night and all the beer bottles in the trash this morning were yours no matter how much you think the roomies may have helped out and it is just like drunk dialing in the morning and the apologies will have to be made no matter the communication venue chosen.
Thanks the karmic gods that you don't have every email address you ever wanted and that your phone won't let you call or text at that time of night without driving for miles. Stupid cell phone.
Buy more beer on the way home along with B vitamin complex, fresh anything to snack on, and sushi platter that will make the roomies cringe but you will think is $8 worth of awsome.
Add two sugars to the sludge of a cup of coffee at work every time - you'll regret it at your desk if you don't. And work at your desk for a change, not just stir the coffee so you can get up for a refill and see who else is away from their desk.

1 comment:

Mom of Three said...

Don't you be headed for AA! Try a week with diet soda, would you??? Otherwise, AA CAN be a good place to meet guys! :)