Monday, November 21, 2005

The Blues

I recently read that 80% of the US population die within a 20 mile radius of their birthplace. I am not sure when that study was conducted but it wasn't more than 10 years ago if memory serves.

This afternoon I took a very late and very very short lunch break (ah, the joys of getting to work half an hour late!!) and realized that my days have been feeling like I am missing something. As the microwave of leftovers beeped in completion, I took my bowl of chicken pesto pasta outside.

The chairs and tables in our courtyard have been replaced since I visited last... indeed its since the time change I haven't taken a full lunch break except on Fridays when payday errands demand it.

My eyes hit the skyline. It was dusted with the tips of the trees leaves turning with the autumn air, looking crisp as the sun gleamed off the rocks of the facing baren mountainside. And the glow of the that sure sky blue behind the dogwood blooms as I took my seat warmed my entire senses. In one breath I took in the shade of Crayola never quite attained. My gaze lingered a bit, then rolled over the mountaintop to find more and more spirit quenching hues to take in on this quiet afternoon.

As I scraped the bottom of the bowl for the last drenched morsel of my meal I felt the almost chill breeze flip my hair. The storm clouds were on the move, giving contrast where the sunbeams had warmed the earth. I took my moment, sat watching the colors morph into more perfect representations of my favorite color.

Perhaps this is what is really meant by the comforts of home... My childhood memories based only 30 miles from here.


Pisser said...

Yeah, nothing out here reminds me of home. California is totally alien to me, for the most part.

Hopefully I'll make it back to Texas before I keel over. ;)

Monty said...

Not to mention the true majesty of Queens , New York in all of her splendid colors!