Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Weekends Rule

I meant to convey the absolute brilliance of this weekend before having to tell the story 4947902342780 times, but, I will say that sleep does not a weekend make, I love to flirt, and I might be talking a lot more about the bar scene in upcoming posts. Let's hope I can either manage this week on 5 hours of sleep at a time and reset next weekend, or find a way to work out at 2am when I actually feel like being active. Oh lordy, I'd love to be active at 2am these days, but if the pool of men is exemplified by the super nice and mentally competant but utterly moveless beau contestant of Saturday's outing, well, the 2am workouts won't be the Bedspread Olympics I hope for. For now, maybe 2am will just be post nap bed time.

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