Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gotta Love It

Here I was, all ready to post that I was having a good day, that the AH-HAH was more like when you notice the fog has cleared than a lightning bolt, I'm feeling refreshed and pleasantly exhausted by the experience but on the whole very proud of myself, and in 20 minutes I'm a mess again.
Not a 10 car pileup like last week, not a garage fire like this week, just the kind that Merry Maids could take care of for $300, but still. What the hell does it take to get a little stability around here? And why is it that Alpha Dog gets in a shit mood and I'm the one cowering in a corner about it?? I leave the room and I don't respond to the curses to the sky and I don't feed into the monster, but honestly, is it that hard to keep your life in your own cube??
So, I'm sitting here in the muck she left, and it's compounded by my willingness to help her get something done for Boss ASAP, only to find when I come back from running all over the next door office for her that she is on the phone with every place that has her old credit card on file and yelling that Boss was making her nuts - then everything I did to help she had to go and redo, on speaker, so I could hear everyone I'd just talked to face-to-face saying exactly what they told me and I told her. One more email from Boss and she was so fed up she had to leave the office for a while.
Well, at least I know that clean sheets make the day start well. That's something. Maybe I'll get a chance to soak up some sunshine on a lunch break of my own, but with the rant about how all lunches must be taken by 2pm on the week I've been leaving at 3:30pm, well, I just can't wait for that melodrama to unfold!

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