Saturday, April 05, 2008

Moven On Up

I posted on a roomie website a few weeks back, thinking the worst that could happen is I could appreciate my current situation more. So what if it's 40 minutes to work from 3 towns over?? At least it's not putting 40 miles on my car!! I live so far from everything it's a chore to get gas??? Who cares, you don't need a house key because we never lock the door this neighborhood is so safe!! Housemates so inconsiderate they beat furniture into the walls and play basketball in the house??? Well, it forces you to get out of the house more often!!!
OK, so I'm done convincing myself that I should stay here.
There is a lot of my Jersey life here - gym, luncheonette, finally found a grocery store I like, the coffee at the one spot is what I wake up for on Saturday's... alas, I'm going to meet one of the roomie website people this weekend, because she and I finally connected last night and spent 3 hours on the phone, then she invited me to spend basically the whole weekend with her, and is forwarding me apartment postings that are absolutely flooring me with how divine they are - and CHEEEEEEEP!
Now, all the rest of it comes into play, the drive, the gym, the reestablishing a life, but, I've moved like a bazillion times now, and when I woke up this morning, at 7am (when I should wake up for work but can't manage it til 7:45am) and check my phone to find a voicemail, not just a text, from the roomie (we ONLY chat through text, and that's IF it's significant enough to warrent telling me - parties of 15 that start at 9pm don't count) who asks at midnight Friday if his 'guest' who will be staying in the kids room he's been cleaning for a solid week and just found the carpet of can use my shower all weekend.
OK, I think, how hard can it be to not be on this person's schedule?? I know he didn't come home til late last night, I'm up early even for me... what is that noise??? Oh, you mean I woke up to someone already in my bathroom and she is finally in the shower?? Alrighty, I'm done, thanks but no thanks, I'm going to find a place that doesn't make a trip to the city an all day affair, a roomie that won't eat all my eggs just in time for me to want to make an omlette, and anywhere where I get enough respect to at least be able to piss in my own pot in the morning.
I might freak out, but I think all the building up of my stockpile of goods here was a great reason to have stayed, and now that I've knowingly kept my stupid phone past the 30 day return period and given up the idea of blowing my wad on an iPhone (because the money channel says they are out of stock for a reason and their new product is coming out a quarter early!!!!), well, it's all pointing to this Jersey Girl moven right on up, and to the east side (right next to the Holland Tunnel, if your mapper is so inclined, mine wouldn't let me link it for you) of this Garden State, to try to find the creature comforts of home, like sleep.

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