Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Bad Girl

Being naughty just feels good, doesn't it?
Even being home and leaving my shoes on is such a change from the usual, it feels like I'm being bad, and somehow that is exactly what I need today.
It's been alllllllllll day now.
Got to work late with no excuses.
Took off the sweater to reveal the too-sheer-for-no-cami-that-is-what-the-sweater-was-for shirt.
Remembered, then promptly forgot, to do some of my first of the month things (why some of my Outlook task list has the reminders working and others don't is beyond me, but whatever).
Have been using pet names with absolutely everybody. Everybody. Like my boss. And the checkout kid at the convenience store.
I rekindled the thrill of a lone quickie in the restroom today, THAT is how naughty I've been!!!

OK, so some of it has to do with the temptation of maybe having a guy to be interested in hanging over my head all last week and then sitting here in limbo as he decides to call or not. Part of it might be the afternoon of flirting with a friend I have written off quite a number of times now, making the "oh, you're doing yardwork, I'd love to get dirty with you, do you think the neighbors would notice?" so much more indulgent because he is on my Bad Boy list as it is. Perhaps this is the other way to spend energy when I'm not at the gym - much better than moping, though just as much of a waste of time and mental energy.

Even the delight of a sushi dinner with Co-Worker With a Crush is adding to the sinful heaven of the day. To feel full, to know the sauces are laiden with fats and sugars, to have it be a surprise invite and a great uninterupted conversation... well, she is kinda on my Bad Girl list too, and I don't say that just because she smacked her ass as she walked away then looked over her shoulder and winked at me as she made sure I saw that.

Loving this time of elevated mood, no matter what brought it on. Adoring that I have about 20545 things that could make me upset right now, and two weeks ago they did, but today I just can't muster the energy to let this shit bother me.
Just watch - I'm growing a spine, I'm becoming comfortable as ME, with ME, for ME, by ME... if history repeats, he's lurking around the corner. And he is going to ruin me. Please please let's make this go around let me keep ME in the picture.


curmudgeon said...

Quickie in the restroom - Now THAT'S entertainment!

Sooooo, "too-sheer-for-no-cami-that-is-what-the-sweater-was-for shirt". Pictures? How am I to believe you without pictures?

Mom of Three said...

But that's always the way it is--circumstances never change, just your perception of them. You could feel this way much more knowing that nothing is going to change whether you're bitchy or happy!

Miss Sassy said...

C - I'm calling you Dirty Old Bastard from now on, I don't care what your alias is.
In a loving way, naturally, but whew, you made me blush a little.

MOT - You know sometimes it's not as easy as all that, but after all this work to find my balance, it's a lot easier to decide to have a good day ;)

curmudgeon said...