Saturday, November 18, 2006


Spaz caught me last night.
Before I could get in the door enough to close it behind me.
Asked if was planning on staying, or if she should tell the property management company they can rent the place.
I asked, calmly, without showing the wild glee pulsing through my veins, if we were talking about January first.
She said YES.

I had to grab the side of the counter to keep from colapsing!!!!

Within the hour I was walking the dog and talking to Sister and convincing her how fucking cool it will be when she works at the restaurant around the corner and stops at the grocery store ON the corner and cooks to her hearts delight and I will come home to find my dog and her cat curled up on the landing together and we can both have boys over whenever we want without fear they will be eaten by some psychotic idiot dog and we can have a New Years party in our Beach House back yard.
She kinda panics at change.
She is resisting changing her shitty life.
I am trying my hardest to not knock her upside the head until she realizes that CHANGE IS GOOD when you complain about your life EVERY DAY.

Anyway, I might move January first too, just to keep the rent bill from eating my ENTIRE first paycheck of the month... or I might try my hand at waitressing at the 24hr Dennys within walking distance from this house... or just convince myself that I work 8-6 and use the overtime to keep up on the work and pay the bills.

Oh - FYI - I have benefits. I have a beneficiary. I am invested.
Well, as of January first I am.
I am a little freaked out about this phase of growing up. But I did it and I know its good for me and I will be getting a professional to polish my bright pearly whites for Valentines Day.

Random Tangent Alert!!! I talked to Sexy to find out he is finishing his homework before we play tonight, have another guy texting me to see if I can play with him tonight, another guy who randomly emailed to see if my 'taken' status has changed yet, and I bumped into the 22 year old I didn't sleep with that one time... all in the last half an hour.
Its like they can smell I'm in heat.
And the reasons to hate Flo just keep stack'n up.
Then again, my tits look fabulous this time of the month, so maybe thats the draw ;)

I am at the office because I have SO much work to do and I can't get online from home yet. If Sexy doesn't call me by 8pm I'm going to assume we partied WAY too hard for his must-watch-game-can't-take-nap ass last night and find a party of my own. With Sister and I being out twice already this week, I'm feeling pretty alright about walking up to a bar and seeing where the night takes me. God Help Me, with no cable at home there is nothing to distract me from having a real life! Somehow I'm reverting to my college dayz self, but I already relived the lameness of high school at the last house... at least this way I get to meet enough people to have the awkwardness of 4 would be fucks within reach on any given Saturday afternoon. Ah, College.

Focus. 8" stack of data entry MUST be gone by Monday Morning.


Mom of Three said...

I don't know if working all the time is worth the rent, however, if Jessie is working at the same place, that could be hella cool.

We love Denny's because Kids Eat Free on Saturdays.

BTW: Check my blog, you've been tagged!

vincentblackshadow said...

Do tits actually get better or worse during the month? Wow, this I didn't know. I might have to undertake an in-depth study into such an important aspect of womankind.

If your gentle coaxing doesn't work on your sis, just kidnap her and the cat. She'll thank you for it in the end.

Party hardy, my friend

Miss Sassy said...

MOT - My biggest struggle with not having home internet is IMing you =(
I'll check it out =))

VBS - They get firmer with all the bloating and hormones. Makes the push up bra painful even, if its a good month ;)

Sister will come around, she likes the idea of being in my town and having me as a roomate, its THIS place we are iffy on. I'm kicken her butt daily on this point, trying to avoid the actual kidnap.

Partied hard, now I have to fulfill my promise to have work on THEIR desks FROM mine before Monday morning... once the dinner is chowed its all data entry til 10pm.

Shara said...

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See u soon, Miss

Mom of Three said...

Hello Miss, I want to spam you!

What a butthole!

Miss Sassy said...

MOT - The pisser is that I checked my email and saw I had a new commenter and got all excited!!