Monday, November 27, 2006

I've Got Meme On Me

Vince has officially tagged me.
Serves me right I guess, since I only unofficially tagged him with mine.
Since I'm in just that kind of mood, I think I'll partake.

10 Things I'll Never Do.

1) Understand the meaning of it all. Especially out of the mouth of a man.

2) Keep my mouth shut about what I'm thinking. I surprise myself too often with what comes out to ever keep it in.

3) Enjoy being the bigger person. I do it. I am good at it. I spout it as advice often. But I NEVER like it, I'm just too nice to come up with something vindictive to do instead.

4) I'll never regret/hold guilt over my relationships with any of my family, living or dead. They are what I am given, I do the best I can with what I've got when I'm there.

5) I'll never give up hope that this is not really my life. This is always just a step on the path that is my life. My life is bigger than these small things I sweat, or these Sassy shoes I strut in.

Ya'll, this is hard. I am having a hard time thinking of things I won't do, and everything I'm coming up with is more of a "well, if the timing were right..." Stupid open mind. Worse, some things I can think of I've already done, how sick is that??

6) I'll never eat a live goldfish. Cum on an empty water filled stomach makes me yack, I could only imagine what a goldfish could elicit out of me.

7) keep up with the Jones'. I don't know them, they don't care about me, I like my car and my house for me, not what they think of me. But if they kick down their old shit, I'll gladly accept =)

8) Think he loves me because he hits me. I'll put up with a LOT of shit (dad may get a call on that this week actually, as I notice I put up with the same things from him), but if he beats me, he's out, no questions asked. (no, I haven't been beaten, ever, don't sharpen your bayonettes.)

9) Take a stupid dare. I've met people who ate a bottle of Tobasco in one gulp, felt the ulcer pop instantaneously, and are plagued with it to this day because one time at boy scout camp a friend said "dare ya!". Thats bullshit. Recent events included, I actually really think I have a choice in what I do and I won't be pursuaded by a phrase to do something I know is stupid.

10) I almost said "think I'm worth it - money, attention, gifts, praise", but I really think I'll get over that if life settles enough to let me be secure in what I have. So maybe I want to say that I'll never wrap my head around why it took so long for me to put my foot down and DEMAND I never feel short changed or over extended or walked on or taken advantage of.

That was rediculously fucking hard. Its all in flux this minute and I have a very broad thinking spectrum these weeks and to even say "I'll never stop drinking" or "I'll never choose to be alone" or "I'll never go to that damn town again"... well, I laughed at the split second thought that I have any clue what my life will be like even a month from now.

In other news, I'm single. I am also revamping my mental list of requirements for a guy to be considered dateable. Please feel free to drop your suggestions in the comment box. I will be sure to carefully consider your offerings before ripping them to shreds. =) Mostly I know that people who have lists are disappointed when they meet their List Girl ::coughDADcough:: and aren't happy. There are a few things I hold sacred though, and I will fitfully dangle by them when it all falls to shit, and I'm thinking I need more than a fingerhook worth of Must Have's in order to have a fighting chance at not falling in love with the next houseplant I see.
Hoping the rest of my life's shit bath is as easy to clean off as this was...


curmudgeon said...

Houseplant? BWAH!

Here. Have a bar of soap.

Miss Sassy said...

C - they are always there for me, listen to me, let me live without the guff... more than the guys I date!!!

Thanks, I was getting a bit sticky. Check your email, it might be the next post, you lucky devil you.

vincentblackshadow said...

Liked the 10 things, hard isn't it.

I blew my blog off today and threw in some random quotes, that's Xmas shopping, what did you want again?


Miss Sassy said...

VBS - I want Hawaii. Or maybe just a house. Perhaps a wide array of sex toys to keep me occupied between the Lamers and Sexys.
I know - how bout a trip to your part of the world?? Sounds like you're my kind of sleep in late, drink often, sit about online between playing with the dog and playing with yourself... Usually this is reserved for my weekends, but I could sure use a real vacation soon!

vincentblackshadow said...

You are officially invited then, come enjoy the wilds of Wales, the beer, my exquisite company and that of my dog's, just don't hog the bed (oh and bring your toys). Sorry, can't afford Hawaii or a house for you so a vacation over here is the best I can do.

Shall I start pouring the drinks?


Miss Sassy said...

Vince - what a welcoming invitation =) I'll see what it takes to get a passport ready. Hold off on the drinks just yet, but get to the store and make sure we have enough ice ;)