Monday, November 06, 2006

Career Change

Perhaps its not Mondays or Tuesdays that piss me off... perhaps its just the nature of my job.
My weekend was lovely, I slept well, I DECIDED to come in at the normal time instead of the Fuckass Monday Morning time, pet the dog until she couldn't take one more rub, had a healthy dose of procrastination angst in my morning routine that got me out the door at the perfect minute to get to my desk on the minute of 9am.

The girls are pissy today for some unknown reason, then the phones went down AFTER I was too busy answering calls to be able to make INSTANT oatmeal OR a cup of tea, I got the shitstorm of "my weekend SUCKED" from the one who has decided that "don't go to bed angry" is for pussies... oh, and the part that set me off is the email saying "lets have a meeting today at 5pm, my agenda is an itemized list of every single thing you do so I can can politely say 'I know you are single handedly running the operations of this place, but if you could make sure the coffee pot is always full and explain why when we gave you 20 hrs more weekly work to do and then revived a 15 hour a week project two weeks later, I am finding places you are falling behind.'"

It doesn't have to go like that I guess, but every other meeting I've had with her goes like that. And if it happens at 5pm that will be a new trick too since we typically get these postponed for 10 minutes to three days.

I know I need to work harder, but its kinda rough when I had a nearly perfect weekend and was looking forward to coming into the office and having some hard core regularity and building a schedule of "data entry til lunch" followed by "2 hours of letters" then "30 minutes of filing" or whatever works out... and instead I come in to find that no one even looks at me when I come in and the only words spoken are covered in bitchy ick.

Maybe its just my position as Office Bitch that I don't like more than the Monday funk.

No emails today, my friends, no chats, no calls, I might even get stuck for lunch if this incommunicado bullshit keeps up... but I'll be damned if I'm gonna go into that meeting in this fucked up mood and a stack to the ceiling of work I just couldn't get done because I was busy having a social life.

Oh, and new toys from the XXX store are GREAT bonding tools, and when he leaves them at your place, use them with the voracious appitite they were built for as he will call and ask if you finished breaking them in and your emphatic "YES" will convey that he done good =)


vincentblackshadow said...

Work always sucks, the higher you go the more shit you have to wade through.

Still life sucks even worse when you have to leave new toys at home when all you want to do is find new and ever more inventive ways to use them.

Every guy should know how to use toys with his girl, but knowing she's using them under direction on the other end of the phone is just as hot.

Have fun

Miss Sassy said...

VBS - here I thought that shit ran downhill... turns out the higher I'm climben, the less leads I get to guide the way and the more they pile on the shit.
I swear, if it weren't for the regular sex, I'd surely have blown a gasket or two... until then, I blow his hair back with how liberated I am and how in sync we are ;)

Its all about the fun... just wish I could have more of it between 9 and 6 ;)

vincentblackshadow said...

Take your toys to work, they'll all start to wonder why you're still smiling. Just don't tell them your secret. How much more fun could you have at work without your man being there.

Mom of Three said...

HEY! I sent you email!!! HEY!

Miss Sassy said...

VBS - typically I take a "potty break" and, what did we call it, polish the pink pearl... it was more often when I worked in Cubeville and didn't have a tether to the phones, but when a girl needs a release, I have no qualms about coming back flush in the cheeks.
The toys, at the desk? No, in the car??? The bathroom would echo somethin fierce, and its public =(

MOT - Where?? I don't see it =(=( 3 inboxes and no sign of you, you darned tease!