Friday, November 17, 2006


I went out last night with Sister. We took up the offer by New Guy to have a drink to celebrate his new job. He was a bit boysterous and loud and repetative in his sentances, but he picked up our tab and went to the bar I picked and that was nice.
If our movie had ended closer to Grey's Anatomy, we would have missed stayed for the TV, and that would have been nice too.
So I give the new guy a welcome, take his shit for drinking a Tokyo Tea instead of his Newcastle, then get shit for drinking my 80 proof pint of drink slower than his 6.6% pint of beer, then I come in this morning to find out he won't be in til noon.
EDIT - ALL DAY. Pussy. His kid better be in the hospital or I'm ratting him out.
I told him and his friend I knew how to hold my own, and they laughed at me. The bartender and I shared a wink at how collected I was and how over the top they were, then we shared another wink when I heard the bill was about $100 and no one dropped a tip.
Thats right - my sister is telling them how she works in a restaurant and sees how hard she and her coworkers work for $7 and hour and PRAY that people recognize this isn't slavery days and its ok to tip the help and these fuckers walked out without a leaving a tip????
We sat at the bar, they were there at the corner when you walk into the place for about 3 hours, and thought the price of the drinks was enough to cover her time and effort to put up with the "I have half an inch in the bottom of my glass, come ask me again in a minute if I want another drink."
So I leaned over the bar and said "I'm sorry, did they leave you a tip?"
Politely she says "well, um, maybe like $10" as she shakes her head and looks at her feet.
Sister and I look at each other, look at her, she shrugs as we dive into our purses for any cash we have. While I was expecting that our $18 would pay for another round of drinks, we gladly forked over our hard earned cash to this woman's pocket for being stuck at the side of the bar with the boarish new guys who forget that pouring a beer with no foam deserves a tip.

Moving on, because the recount is pissing me the fuck off...
I get up this morning feelin fine, do my thing without the Brut so much as looking at me, get my quality time with my Gorgeous Girl without the baby talkin Spaz tossing breakfast scraps at her while calling her a fatty, and come out to find my duplex-wall-sharen neighbor wiping down my car.
I see the hose and bucket and the shammee hand is on the side of my car facing his van, so I think "ah, he oversprayed and its swirling it around in the dust cloud that perfectly covered my car! Nice thought, I need a car wash anyway." Then I see the water on my tires as I approach... he says "hey there, you would not believe the amount of bird dung you had on your car, it looked like someone tossed a can of white paint, you wouldn't have been able to drive with it on there."
I look over my sparkling, dried, non swirled almost totally paid off and now I care that much more vehicle and said "so you washed my car for me?????? well, Thank You!! ok, um, thank you, I needed a car wash this weekend anyway so thanks, I've got to get to work, so have a great day!"Whew. A little weird, but who am I to complain? If I didn't just dump my cash into the bartenders pants I would have tipped him. I will find a way to repay, I swear.

So I'm driving to work wondering how long my granny smith apple for breakfast will tide me over in my shiny car and I'm flicking my hair toward the vents because I usually just open the windows to blowdry my hair but I didn't want to water mark the windows. I come in late, of course, to see that my coworker, in leiu of doughnuts as a thank you for the hard work I do, brought me an egg mcmuffin. =)=)
Happiness IS free food at 9am.

The day hits the fan, but I realize that there is nothing happening that I can do anything about and go on about my merry business while angry people gather in my lobby. I got a text from Sexy, who waited patiently in my lobby for me to tiddy up before molesting him in the hallway as we waited for the elevator to take us to lunch. We enjoy a table in the fresh air, had a yummy sandwich, played footsie under the table, had a kiss in the parking lot that melted my week away, and then back to the desk to try to make some kind of dent in the mass of post its and paper clips and needing to be filed documents before my end of week meeting with the boss to tell her that it is STILL too much work, no matter how much free food I get.
But you know what? I feel totally stress free about sitting here in piles up to my eyes... good Sister time followed by good pupster time followed by good deeds coming back on me followed by good food and great Sexy somehow has me realizing that this is a JOB and I will catch up eventually and life is too short to hate your minutes away when you have a chance to ride the wave of a good happy buzz on a Friday afternoon. =)

TGIF and all that kitchy shit; if you are really nice you can stand real close and catch some of my happy molecules off of me, but you'd better make it quick cuz we all know I can turn super sour with a quickness.


vincentblackshadow said...

As an ex-barman, always leave a tip. The new guy needs a heads up, slap him for the good of every every barman.

Sorry Sass, but you need foam or a head (yes, you can stop giggling) on your beer, that's were the real flavour comes from. No head on your beer means a shitty pint, I'm Welsh we know these things.

I am happy today as well, I wonder if happy molecules can travel thousands of miles in just a few hours?

Have a good weekend.

Miss Sassy said...

VBS - Blogger ate my comment =(

I hear ya on the head, always good to get a tasty head, however with Coors Light its more of a space waster, don't you agree?

The slap might be done by my boss... by end of day the office knew he'd shared a drink with me and I was printing termination paperwork before I left =)

Happy molecules are EXTREMELY infectious, they travel on birthday cards and phone lines and well worded emails; glad you caught some =)

Good is such a weak weekend adjective. I appreciate the sentiment, but at 1/3 over I'm already having a GREAT weekend... its bound to only get better =)