Friday, November 10, 2006

Can't... Breathe.... Too... Excited...

Its been a rough couple of days ya'll.
Meeting with the Boss at lunch in a real restaurant to talk about where we are at which ended up giving me a shit list of things to present at the now MANDITORY Monday Morning Meeting. I said its too much work, she gave me a special project to tell everyone how to make my life easier. Doesn't help much this week though.

I tried to get laid in severe amounts this week but unfortunatly my boy toy has responsibilities like JOBS and COLLEGE and can't really accomodate my every whim from 20 miles away.

I look at all my workout clothes and somehow end up curled in my blankets by 7pm most nights. Sometimes I get up later, sometimes I don't. Flo can suck it for giving me this kind of dramatic change in daily life more than a week before her arrival.

Sister bit the bullet and cut a deal with her last creditor so now we can FINALLY realistically talk about what its gonna take for her to move out of my Freakazoid Aunt's house. We have gone over and over what a WRONG situation that place is for her and finally there is a real light coming through the end of the tunnel.

Sister and I decided Tday was a better holiday to visit on, even if all we get is a bag of turkey to take home instead of a trunk of trinkets, and she works til 2pm Wednesday and 9am on Saturday so it will be a VERY short trip.

And then, after all this slothen-ness and weights on my psyche and heavy boggs dragging behind my every move, I hear something this morning that makes it all seem to lift away in an instant.

The dreamy part is, my sister was there to hear it, so there is no way I can twist it around - it was actually said and there is no denying it.

Spaz is returning to Orange County this weekend, where she spent last weekend, and as she is telling me this she spits out "well, I guess I should tell you, I'm going down there to look at places to live because I am going to be moving back down there. I'll surely give you 30 days notice, but maybe your sister could come in and cover the rent?"

Y E A H B A B Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I said "I kinda thought you were leaning that way after last weekend, but I appreciate the notice, just keep me updated and we'll see what is where when you find a place."
She went upstairs to get ready, sister was in the living room, I leaned over the couch and said "do you hear that??? no more dog that howls, no more not being able to get in the kitchen, no more storing my towels 20 feet from the shower, no more being told how to mop a floor... aaahhhhhheeehehehehehehe... I don't even need to get laid anymore I'm so thrilled!!!"

Then I came to work and remebered that no matter how my home life changes, I am still committing myself emotional sucide in my current rut, and I need to bust ass one of these days (like a weekend when no more work can get piled up) and get to zero on a few projects so I have a fighting chance at staying up to date... but the idea that I could have my pink slip and my own hand picked roomate by Christmas!!!!???!?!?! We'll, its trumping my desire to wreak my cuticles in a file cabinet, if you know what I mean.

Happy Friday!!! Sister is coming in to apply for a real money making job today, she might end up being my bitch at the file cabinet, I am dressed well enough to get through the work day and go STRAIGHT to a dinner/bar and still get a drink bought for me, I think I have lunch plans, there is 4 kinds of chocolate cheesecake in the fridge ready to celebrate my coworkers birthday ::devil horns:: =) Oh, and even with a maple bar, a glazed, and a chocolate muffin all waiting for me, I had oatmeal for breakfast... and after yesterdays bitchy afternoon caffeine headache, I remembered my cup of tea to go with it.
Its all coming together!!

EDIT: A way to make any day better is to treat yourself right by starting with a good nights sleep, some good attention to the dog in the morning, float on a cloud of giddy happiness as you stroll into work on time, respect yourself by avoiding the doughnuts, get some serious productive work done, continue to respect yourself with the salad topped with seared albacore, then get really ground into the carpet in the back of a hatchback by a young buck who couldn't wait to get his tounge to your tonsils and get your juices flowen TWICE before politely kissing you at your office doorstep and saying he'd love to spend the day with you and your sister tomorrow.
Makes the afternoon a lot less of a drag if you can get your day started that way.
TGIF has a whole new meaning =)


vincentblackshadow said...

Sounds like a good day

Monty said...

Yes indeed, things were about to break your way, and they started with that guy. You're on a roll!

Miss Sassy said...

VBS - nooners make ANY day a good day. Almost revisited today but I was dressed too corporate and trying to be accomodating by getting back early. The long kiss at the car was nearly enough to have these nylons holding my wrists to the headrests though... he'll be over tonight =)

Monty - it all moves in waves, doesn't it? The smile started when I thought of being rid of Spaz... I am keeping the boy around because he keeps me ABLE to smile about such things.

Mom of Three said...

I only hope my two girls are as close as you and your sister are. The teen years will tell, they are vastly different.

Don't you just love it when things are clicking? Like all the cosmic tumblers are aligned. It doesn't feel that way often, but I love it when it does...

vincentblackshadow said...

Definately a good day then.

Nooners are awesome, up there with the boss's desk or my personal fave the bartop (I used to work as a barman doncha know).

Now that was a good day!!

curmudgeon said...

I think I'll pass on getting myself ground into the carpet of a hatchback.

Miss Sassy said...

MOT - the teen years were a bit hectic for us... even through the early 20s we couldn't find the jive... she is realizing its OK to depend on family, and without mom she needs that in her life, and I'm the only one always coming through when I say I will. Its trust, and we have it. Plus she knows all my jokes =)

VBS - I've been fingered standing at a bar, and bent over the extra stools in the storage room of a bar, and interupted when the barback came for more ice in a bar, but never ON the bartop. We are too short for that, but I like where you're head is at ;)

Also, this is a case of "try it twice..." I've done it a few times now, same car, same guy though, so does it count as "I do that!" yet, or do I need some variety before I turn around and recommend this to C?

C - well, if you prefer, do the grinding. Either way... =)