Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Love My Sister!

I do,
I really really do appreciate her for who she is, respect her for doing what she has to when it has to be done, understand her needs and desires are different than mine and adore how she is there for me these days.

But for fucks sake, is it totally necessary to come visit just to go to a dive bar where they are spinnen the ones and twos of her kind of music and keep a constantly full Tokyo Tea in front of the purse that I have been assigned to watch??? I mean, Long Islands will get you shitty in a hurry, so lets take out the soda (caffeine that might keep you from a headache in the morning, sugar to remind you that you should SLOW DOWN) and add Midori (the sweetest nectar of whatever its made of thats like 17% alcohol, cuz the other 3/4 of the pint glass filled with well spirits isn't quite enough to throw you over the edge in the first sip).

I willingly partake in these events, but she gets trained on her new job today, and I have reason to believe that this morning I will be seriously discussing my start date for the promotion the office is all a buzz with after yesterday's conversation I so elegantly guided with Boss' Boss. Basically I got stuck helping her look up some numbers, we chatted about how the office will be growing soon, and I reminded her I am very interested in taking one of the available seats. She told me to talk to Boss and Would Be Boss by the end of the day and have someone call her back. Yep. You heard me. If I can get Boss to have 2 minutes, we'll go back and discuss the details and if I can maintain the front that I am capable and committed and ready to be a go getter, I'll be seeking my replacement by the end of the day (actually Boss asked about Sister to take my seat ;) )
So what do I do? Go home last night, cook a fantabulous fresh healthy dinner, compliment it with a glass of water, and pass out on the couch. When Sister comes in at 10:45pm, I get up, change out of my sweats into some jeans, and go get shitty in a dive bar while watching her 20lbs of purse while she shakes her ass and kicks her feet and grinds on some dude. Yep. I'm a little over confident about this new position, huh?? I decide its ok to leave the house at 11pm to have a drink, end up being awake (after Monday, the 6am wake up, 7:45 in the office, leave at 7pm, get to sleep at 1am day) till about 3:30am, and bolt to the shower just shy of 4 hours of sleep later.

Sister learns how to carry a tray of hot plates to tables today. I told her to mind her wrist, thanked her for the drinks, reminded her that next time I have to be roused from slumber to go out that it REALLY is ok to let me be a cheap/one drink date, and sent her on her merry way to fend for her own McMuffin and coffee.
Already burned my tongue.
But hey, I found my keys and my wallet and got to work on time to have a conversation about my new job... she better get here quick or my 2 functioning brain cells might just decide its ok to nap with the rest of them.

Love my Sister!!!


vincentblackshadow said...

Good luck on the job, don't think you'll need it though.

Have to say I'd have more sympathy if you'd been out all night.

Love your Sister too!!

vincentblackshadow said...

I picked up an ice-maker instead, it's not happily freezing up a storm next to my bed.

I've got an MBA and I still have no clue what 'lowest 'sticker price' for my solidification of my promotion' means. Can you enlighten me?

Setting off to pick you up at the airport right now.....

Miss Sassy said...

Vince - I got the job. Just now. Almost excited enough to break through the sleepies and squeel about it =)
Sticker Price - when we sell cars, we put stickers with their price on it... but there is a negotiation that ensues before the person actually buys the car... so I have a sticker price, the low sticker price, then the break even price... I won't get promoted without a raise, I might be misjudging the market with what I'd LIKE to make, but my lowest "promotional" price needs to be solidified before we talk start dates and money ;)

MBA? I knew I liked you for some behind the obvious reason...
once the rent is settled, the car is paid off in full, and the raise is negotiated, I'll give you the flight number =)