Monday, November 27, 2006


Got here late. Listened to Boss read memo's I had in my email. Left the meeting early to take care of a candidate who didn't have any of his shit together. Par for the course, as my end didn't have their shit together either.
It's 9am, I just caught a break, I have a stack of work to do, an email inbox that is overflowing, and a broken blood vessel in my right eye from the deluge of compounded shit I ended up dealing with last night. It wouldn't bother me so much that I look like a stoner except it feels like my eyeball is swollen and that is a little distracting.
My left shoulder blade has had an accompanying knot since the Wednesday drive. I can't get it to loosen up. I can't get a friend to work it out for me. I don't know where they do massages around here. All that tension next to my spine and moving toward my neck isn't helping my exhausted mood. I am about to get on another ibuprofin buzz, just so my fingers don't go numb while I do this fucking data entry from the 9 interviews my coworkers crammed into 2 half days that they need done RIGHT NOW like before the standard Super High Priority Monday Morning stack of shit I always have to do.

Yeah. Susie Sunshine is still MIA. Don't expect her soon, the search party is on break. I'm somehow wikedly content to be fucking miserable. I don't even fake a smile anymore. Its Sassy, with a dark cloud, a pitchfork, and the stare that frightens small children. I'm hungry, I'm uncaffeinated, I'm puffy in the face from too much crying and not enough sleep, and it rained last night so my avoidance of laundry leaving me in a skirt suit means my shoes and stockinged legs and hem were dripping by the time I got to my car. I hate being wet. Wish me luck, I read a diet plan and how little I should be eating and I am nearly convinced that the reason I sleep with men on the first date is to win their affections so they keep calling me back but its backfiring to the extreme and I think if I were skinny I would let myself think they would call me back even if I weren't sleeping with them. Diet pills will be added when I can muster the energy to deal with a store, until then, its counted calories no matter what my stomach says and hard core excercise until I can't see straight before bed. Unfortunately it looks like my prefered method will be short lived, and instead of silk and latex as accessories I'll be strapped by sprorts bras and entertained by iPod.

Fuckity fuck. Fuck it. Water and Work. Fuck it. Life is too short for this bullshit, but since I'm psychologically ready for a WEEK LONG MELTDOWN, I guess I should suck it up and get it out of my system good and hard so MAYBE whenever Susie peeks out she has a fighting chance of not getting the shit pummeled out of her.


curmudgeon said...

Sounds like that rain cloud is just sorta hanging around your head there, Grumpy Gretchen!

vincentblackshadow said...

Wanna smile, check out the pic on my blog, it kinda describes how I feel at the mo. Should suit your mood as well. If that doesn't give you a laugh nothing will.

Thinking happy thoughts for you. And also intrigued by the idea of you, silk and latex.


Miss Sassy said...

C - Grumpy Gretchen - what a vile name to be so eloquently attached to suck a vividly visual adjective. Well.Done.
Yeah, why I'm spending my day spinning my wheels over something I can do nothing about, and don't think I want to really, is beyond my farest reaching thoughts right about now.
I'm actually planning to forgo work to come back and do it later. I've been told I'll be called to work out a dinner date detail, but still I look at this work and think "later. wallow now, paperwork later". Sick, I know.

VBS - jumping over right now. Thanks for your post, lets me know anyone can have a shitty day for any reason.
Silk to lay on, latex to come on. And he overdrew his account buying them for me. Serves him right that two faced little shit.
Oh, wait, I'm not naming names for my bad day, am I? Well, as I told an IM friend, its just that I'm not feeling on solid ground with anything and loosing my full sized sex toy/emotional crutch to some "not even that cute" hussy is just having me hate that its all starting to fall apart.

aaaannnnnneeeeee way... time to get back to not working I suppose.

Mom of Three said...

Two words: SICK DAYS. They're there to USE. You gonna die with this company? You gonna be there 50 years? No? Then take your fuckin' sick days!

Stay home. Sleep in. Watch Oprah. And if one isn't enough, take another.

Miss Sassy said...

MOT - Slightly Sassy here, I've already wasted a Sunday and Monday being pissy over a guy who is so afraid I'll scratch his eyes out that he won't come to my office to leave my shit, he wanted to leave it with the security guy downstairs. With the holidays, maybe travel, maybe moving, maybe needing a day to really be sick... my point is, I took a day and a half of paid time off for one asshole this week, I really don't think this punk kid deserves my time.
But thanks for the support of my angst. And as far as I'm concerned, they can place me in another job next week, I've used my floating holidays and they'll pay off the rest of my acrewed time ;)

Jamie said...

Hang in there girl! You'll get through this. You always do.

You are stronger than this!

Miss Sassy said...

jamie - had to comment again!! Must be doin something right to get you to say hi =)

In fact, I think just this afternoon things might be perking up. Stay tuned, I might have another post in me =)