Friday, February 03, 2006

Remember This?

I posted this picture a bit ago and had a lovely conversation with Pisser about it:

Actually I got a few comments about Mr. Fish here...

I thought of this photo while I watched Tivo'd "Lost" last night. I'm not sure how I'd missed this before, but the episode was a repeat where we learn about Hurley's past life.

To you non-followers (or those who SUCK at names, like I usually do - seriously, I can read a BOOK and not know the name of the main character if you ask me with my face in it), Hugo Hurley is the fat guy who after 50 some odd days hasn't lost any massive amounts of weight.

Yes they found a food locker but that wasn't until like a month later and he shared it with everyone even though Jack the hot doctor who used to be Charlie in "Party of Five" and the sole reason I missed the entirety of season one (how do you get over Charlie turning into Jack??? Take a year to get used to the idea, thats how. And Yes, I do miss Bailey too. But not Miss I'm so friggen cute I can squeak and fake cry through every episode Sarah, played my Miss Jennifer my tits were too big for my body until I ate something and got terrible bangs on my new show Love Hewitt.)

Hurley can also be recognized by the amazingly curly hair to his shoulders which probably isn't the most flattering style for the roundy face he has, but it does hide the sideburns and stays remarkably unfrizzed dispite the constant rainstorms and beachy breeze he is subjected to.

(ok, I wonder and wonder who is keeping the electric razor charged so all the guys don't have beards by now. I think I saw a straight razor in one episode, but they all seem to maintain that three day stubble for like WEEKS and it kinda freaks me out. At the same time I wonder if there is a switch in the brain that says "desert island + no food + lots of hot girls in clothes that stay terrifically tight and in place while never being washed or taken off = save bodily resources and acheive maximum Stetson Man appeal by not growing facial hair after three days." I also wonder if the girls have the same switch and thats why they don't have to braid their armpit hair already. Lemme know yo.** This is starting to distract me from the drama of the show.**)

I'm getting all wrapped up in it, I know.

The point was gonna be - check out the puffer fish. Then think of Hurley. Think of the close ups when he is biting his lip to not laugh at himself. Think of how often they have him turning to face someone and you get a partial profile with a great view of his puffy bottom lip, wide round eyes, and a super round face to frame these features. Now look at the puffer fish.

See!!! That little flipper hangen down frames the shot like Hurley's locks frame the, well, shot** half the time hes on screen. That unassuming face with the sweet lack of chisle or crease... and the potential to freak you right the f*ck out if you cross either of them (did you see how he was all fierce with Charley on the rerun this week? Come On, that was somethin!)

Yes, I do like Hurley. Not in a Must Have Him Now kinda way; more like a I'd Like To Play Darts And Share A Pitcher At The Watering Hole way. Yes, I would like to bump into some guy at the Scoop Shoppe who is as mild mannered, go with the flow, eager to please, shy in his pursuits yet determined to a fault to get what he wants (he ended up in Australia and landed him on that flight because he NEEDED to KNOW. That is dedication).

Go on. Give me shit. I don't care. He's cute. And so is the fish. Blow me* if you don't agree.**

*That works on SSOOOOO many levels here, doesn't it??

**I do not know whats with all the rhyming today. Just go with it.


Bent Fabric said...

I've only seen the show once as it's opposite one of my favorite shows, which I, um, can't remember right now. Couple of questions pertaining to the show:

1. You think Hurley is cute? Really? Guess I have no taste in men for good reason. Maybe I have to watch the show to "get it." He reminds me of Rupert from Survivor. Dunno if you've ever seen the show.

2. Does that razor ever get dull?!

Okay, I'm new to your blog so what's the story with the job situation, if I may ask?

april said...

You asked where I got the southpark character, you can get it here

Miss Sassy said...

Bent - you must LOVE your Wed. show man. I mean, wow, I can't wait to check that one out since its so good you don't remember it!!! hahahahaha, too funny.

Yes, I think Hurley is cute. Uncomfortably chubby in case of intimate encounter, but charming in a way only people who mask their insecurities can be. I didn't do Survivor, but I'm hoping Rupert lost weight while on a dessert island (or whereever they were that season). Its freaky how Hurleys clothes still fit!

I haven't SEEN a razor!! Thats the kicker!! But if there was a straight razor, Locke, this guy who used to be paralized from the waist down and worked at a box manufacturing company who thought his phone sex chick would really run away with him REALLY knows how to get things done all McGuiver style, so I'm sure hes on top of it.

As for the job, I yapped at you via email on it =)

April - Thanks, much fun will ensue!!!

Mona Buonanotte said...

I really should watch that show, 'cause it seems like all de smart folks is watchin' it!

The fish in the photo? He looks happy, like stoned-happy. Is it because he knows know one will want to eat his balloon-like body?

Miss Sassy said...

mona - thats it!!! half the time Hurley has that stoner go-with-the-flowedness that would be SO nice to find in the real world... as for the fish, I think its more like "yo, I didn't blow up, rockin the chill style, catch the groove" or sumfin.