Thursday, February 09, 2006

Happiness is Doggieness

Before you go thinking I'm gonna be all Sassy with that title, let me explain whats going on here:

This was from my phone camara yesterday morning.

You can see the cross of the plaid on the blanket I climbed back under when I mysteriously woke up 7 minutes before my alarm that usually gets snoozed at least twice. The dogs were abnormally active since my roomie got a job that requires her to be up and out by 6:45am and usually they snuggle in her room when I have to drag my groggy ass out of bed.

In the forefront and taking up the entire right side of the pic is the nose of my Gorgeous Girl as she didn't want to keep her face on my chest while I reached for the phone on the table behind me. She is old and grey in the face, but sweet as punkin pie when she nuzzles me for more ear rubbin.

Below the crook of my knee under the blanket is the curl of the black freakin lab my roomie refuses to train or take to the dog park. He is really sweet but dumb in that unruly way. Typically he sits on the floor and LEEEAAAANS with a groan against the side of the bed for a little morning scrub down... yesterday he was talking/fake barking (learned that from my girl, thanks so much) at me until I pushed GG off me and reached for him so I invited him up with us. Silly me I thought he'd stand over my head for a chest scratch or curl on the pillows I find him sunbathing in on lunchbreaks. Instead he decided the stacks of linens that were moved out of the hall cabinet to make room for the litter box cubby we made were Perfect for curling on... his nose is tucked in between the arches of my feet here.

So its 7am and I am awake. This NEVER happens. NEVER. I have Mr. Big Stuff curled at my feet, my Gorgeous Girl aka Short Stack curled at my belly, the sun coming in through the window, and the calm that only the morning can bring.

Then they realized I wasn't rushing into the shower. They have been taking in the kinetic energy from my hand rubbing them all over, they have been out to pee, they see that I am content in giving them all my attention. They find the stash of tennis balls. They toss them to each other and then to me.

For some reason the pic won't get off my phone, but you get the idea. Its first thing of the day, we had cuddle time, and now its chaos of tennis balls flying and running and stomping and flying down the stairs... Its time for me to get in the shower while they aren't looking!!! When I emerge from the fog of the bathroom 10 minutes later, they are Passed Out in my roomies room, where I normally find them in the mornings. Mr. Big Stuff is on her bed, the sun warming his hind haunches and his face under the corner of a blanket. My Gorgeous Girl is on the rug, in full sunshine, except her face which she has positioned in the shadow of the bed. The cats are tiny curls of fluff amidst her pillows, and all was normal in the world again... except for the warmness of my heart and the curl of my lips =)

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Mom of Three said...

I love seeing her Shortness!!! What a sweetie!