Friday, February 24, 2006


Its 6:20pm.
I'm still at my cube.
They are all gone.
They all looked like they would cry about my leaving. The didn't invite me to the Happy Hour they were rushing off for though.
I tried to do the filing. It was all ollllllld ass shit that was in closed files anyway. So I am leaving all the filing.
I'm taking my cool desk calendars.
I ordered them for me, I'm taking them, I don't care how big they are. I don't know if that looks weird at the new place, but I don't care. I need a calendar in my kitchen.
Double Phuckit.
I've labeled what everything is, told the manager whats where, and how to read a label.
She asked for my info to reach me. I nearly gave her a bad digit, but I'm thinkin karma here.

I got a call from that first interview call that gave me the wrong call back number... remember her?? She started the avalanche of good career karma and called me an hour after I accepted the job from the New Boss to start Monday. Um, yeah. Three weeks later.

I added a little gittyup to my sparkling water with lunch and finished that 20 oz bottle an hour ago. Think I can keep my balance at the gym?? How much you wanna bet I roll off the excercise ball? How many nickels you got? I'll be broke soon, I'm not picky. Maybe a machine with handle bars is more my speed tonight.
Or maybe the 2.5 hours of dancing and crunching and jumping and weight lifting is enough to carry me until tomorrow?? Maybe a little more gittyup to celebrate?? How many nickels you got to bet with... I can do this back and forth ALL NIGHT.
Actually, I have to go turn in my security badge at the temp agency before the Cinderella time... gotta get in the car for that... maybe some straight water for the road... then - SUSHI!!


Bent Fabric said...

So did you faceplant off the exercise ball?

Mom of Three said...

Sometimes I feel like I'm reading Hunter S. Thompson's blog when I'm here!

Hope you don't stay off your blog for long...remember, you can still post from home!

To Do Item of the Day: Get a table at Target for your computer.

curmudgeon said...

I have this vision of you falling off the ball with enough 'pop' force to send it a good twenty feet, all while laying on the floor watching it roll away, a little drool oozing out the corner of your mouth, deer in the headlights look...

So how was it? :)

Mona Buonanotte said...

They suck for not inviting you out.

And good for you taking the calendars...!

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