Monday, October 09, 2006

Sexy is as Sexy Does

Yes, I saw Forest Gump this weekend. It STILL is the cutest character!!! They were promo-ing Castaway as "one of Tom Hanks' most memorable roles" and all I could think was "did you get your promo mixed up?? I'm watching THE Tom Hanks role and you are telling me to remember that he didn't say anything for 45 minutes???"

Anyway, the reason I'm loggin on is to get out this happy buzz before the natives give me shit. I started to go into the life and times of Miss Sassy on her bday weekend, but even I got bored (4 days of pretty steady drinking, 2 amusement parks, one write up by security, 342809729872 bouts of indignation by the current household, 6 dresser drawers emptied of kitty dandered stuffs and repacked with wet cloth wiped knick knacks, 2 movies watched, 1 nap taken, a lunch with my gym buddie to facilitate the necessary bday cake... and no sex to make me have to shave in the shower that suddenly won't drain).

So, I was a bit saddened that I spent the two days galavanting and G-forcing and getting scared pissless without a call from Sexy, but he knew I would be busy so it wasn't that bad. I got a call after work on Friday... he wanted to hear ALL ABOUT Knott's Scary Farm and wouldn't tell me about his coming weekend because he was too busy talking about me. Yeah, chicks HATE that stuff, right?? Especially when it trails off with "I'm glad you had so much fun, HEY, its your birthday already!! Happy Birthday - I have a present for you!"
Long story short, I am teased with this as he is already home when this statement pops out and he is doing his brother's wedding stuff the entirety of the weekend... I spend my time cleaning and packing and drinking and lazily lounging on the couch - nap, shower, clothe, repeat.
So I FINALLY get some Sexy contact last night - I tried to NOT have the midnight conversation by texting him "good nite =)" but that didn't work - he knew I was awake and texted me on his ride home... getting him available to call me at 10 to midnight. You KNOW I took the call, but it was just enough of a wake up to have me tossing and turning til 1am.
So I drag ass into work, smiling because I got in on time (to sit and wait for 15 minutes for the meeting to start - this is why I don't give a SHIT if I'm 4 minutes late), wondering if the text that he was busy after class or the conversation that he would call me when he got out would be the actuality of my afternoon. He calls right at 11:30 - three times before I realize its my purse on vibrate and not the computer fan trying to spin off its track... he meets me downstairs for lunch. We sit, he tells me of the wedding happenings, he is super cute with his oversized sweatshirt and bright eyes, then tells me I have to follow him to his car because he has my present with him. He gets sheepish, saying he couldn't wrap it, that I said I wanted it but it was a while ago... I'm just impressed that his Mental Note system works becuse these days I have to WRITE DOWN to put socks on with my shoes...
OK, let me preface with - he has been teasing me with a surprise for three weeks tomorrow. 3 weeks!!!! So when he said its something I said I wanted I'm thinking its the SUPER expensive suppliment from the gym - and this gets me HOPING he had the bottle 'accidentally' fall into his gym bag instead of blowing 3 days wages on me.
So we are at the car, he is fiddling around, pulls out a bag from a store I've never heard of. Its a small bag, dark pattern, I can't tell what it is - but its NOT a bottle of pills. I light up!!! I ask "what is it? what do I need? when did I say anything about it??" He lights up watching me, but immediately goes for the look down at the shuffling feet boyish charm gig.
Its a new wallet.
Mine is very cute and I got it at Disneyland and has served me well but its a button closer and I've ripped the vinyl around the button evenly away from the bulk of the card holder... Its snapped but flops open anyway, you follow??
OK, so WHEN I said I needed a new wallet, I don't know, but he went out shopping to get me a new one - even talked to the counter girl about how appropriate it was for my purse. She said no, he said "she'll like it, I'll take it" - and I did - and now he wears a giddy smile that comes with making me happy =) I said "thank you, I love it... you are good at this" to which he looked up and said "I know" with that smile and eye contact combo that sets anyone into a happy fit of love neurons.
Yeah, no freak out about what I said he was good at, but in my mind I'm thinking "you are PERFECT boyfriend/fuck buddy/friend/guy material all wrapped up in a kissable package".

And then... my boss comes out and says that while I was out getting my fix of Sexy with an early lunch she fired my receptionist.
Always a new form of buzz kill to deal with huh??? Can't be thrilled with life for TWO MINUTES.
I thought all the fuck overs happen on Tuesdays, I was totally unprepared for this.
I'm gonna go pee and see if some yoga stretches in the hallway will get my smile back.


curmudgeon said...

Good lord! He bought you a real present? One that actually required thought and planning?

I'm impressed. :)

And Happy friggin b'day too by the way.
Sounds like it was eventful.

Miss Sassy said...

C - you'd think he was my boyfriend or something!!! bwah!

Thanks so much, its always nice to do whatever you want whenever you want for a few days... helps quell the sting of being another year closer to that goal you set as your TEN YEAR projection :coughcough: years back. =)

Mom of Three said...

Whew! I thought at first when you said you saw Forrest Gump this weekend that you had gotten a new boyfriend!

Go onto YouTube and look up Wierd Al's "Gump." Or, the link is on my site.

Miss Sassy said...

LOVE TO MOT - however the home internet is down and work doesn't let me see videos =(

yeah, if I start dating a Forest Gump, come steal me away from So Cal to save my sanity!!! (he accomplished alot and was sweet and all but I NEED a smart conversation, you know!?!)