Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fuck This Witch

I'm at the office.
On a Sunday.
The program we use as a database won't load.
The only thing I was going to do was data entry.
There goes the "lets start fresh on Monday" buzz.

So here I am, finding my thoughts via public journal AGAIN.
The roomie hasn't talked to me all weekend.
I kinda got a side smile when we passed on the stairs today, but no TALKING.
As I'm getting some food and a glass of water before jetting out the door to meet my coworker to see if MY login can get her the number of someone she needs to fire from tomorrow's job, she blurts out "this isn't gonna work. I'm gonna move out. The neighbors were very upset that you had a bootie call the other night. This just isn't gonna work."

Let me back up.
I babbled my little heart out, then edited it all for you, my favorite confidants, because I am really proud of myself for not having to recap every word of every conversation in print anymore.
Long long long story short, Sexy called a few times, had directions to my place, ended up coming over, its WAY too cold at the beach at 1am so when my toes froze over I decided we could talk in my room instead of in the backyard, Brut Dog throws a howling fit on the stairs (not the 10 minutes we were out back or the 5 we were in the house), Spaz Roomie has NO control over him so it takes a while to get Brut into her room to shut the fuck up, she gets ALL FUCKING BITTER about my "bootie call" getting HER neighbors to yell at her about HER dog going off, she decides its not fair to ask my social life to bend around her dogs freakish behavior and for the second time in a WEEK she is saying she will just move.
20 minutes of SHIT TALKING between us ended with "you're right, its not fair to ask that I change my life for your dog, what I'm saying is that the neighbors and your dog do NOT have to act like this all the time... they didn't give you shit when Brut howled at me for FIFTEEN MINUTES three mornings in a row this week, and Brut was totally fine with the moving guy, my sister, and even Sexy until Brut heard you moving in your room... its been ONE WEEK, lets stop with the dramatics of moving and give it a shot. But you just said this is MY HOME TOO and then told me how to clean the floors, so if this really is YOUR HOME and I just live here, lets get that on the table."
Thats right, I ruled that conversation BULLSHIT and gave her 10 minutes in the penalty box. By the time I had to say "look, I've got someone waiting on me, but no, I'm not covering your rent for November first" and she was all "I think you are a great girl and Shorty is great and my dog is just a lot to deal with, so we'll see how it goes from here, but you REALLY..." I cut her off with "I heard you, and understand where you are coming from, but I refuse to believe you are unable to train your dog, so I'm gonna try for more than a week to live in a new place with him before I give up and look for a new place to live, and I'd appreciate if you do the same."

Yeah, so I wake up to the house to myself every morning, and this fuckass shit STILL happens to fuck up my day before I really get it started!!!! She had the nerve to throw in "this is still a better situation than the place you just left" and all I could think was "how DARE you you arrogant know it all assumptive bitch on her witch stick."

You know what?? Let her say it again... let her threaten it again. I work at a staffing agency, my sister HATES her life, we'll get her a great paying job and move her shit in and we can eat all greeen veggies together. Its not the best solution, but my sis is gonna need some SERIOUS R&R after her current place, I'll pay off my car and HAVE the extra money every month that I was GONNA pay another bill WAY down with but fuck, I'll be promoted in 3 months anyway and do BOTH and I can live HAPPILY because I won't have CONTROL FREAK fuckin roomies telling me all about my life and how its fucking with theirs.


I'm still not able to get ANY work done here, so I'll take this energy and throw a caniptionfit at the cell phone place and remind them that RANDOM fuckups on my phone when I change my BILLING status is getting a bit OBVIOUS, and if they could please just leave my programming alone when they change my due date it would be greatly appreciated.
Then I'll go find a cute toothbrush holder and a tampon cubby for my bathroom so I can function in there even while I'm getting my hair blown up by the howling beast who doesn't understand that I can be home and NOT paying attention to him.
Then maybe I'll NOT lock myself in my room and unpack but rather find something to do downstairs so she doesn't think I'm being a total bitch... I mean she had the broom out and I said "oh, I took all the rugs out yesterday to wash the floor BY HAND LIKE YOU DO, but got so distacted with the FILTH on the kitchen cupboards that I didn't get out of there for 2 HOURS, so up to here is clean but the rest still needs to be gone over." I guess I could have been nicer about it, but she told me she cleans ALL DAY EVERY SATURDAY and the place was just covered in dirt - except the floor, that was mighty clean.

I could just rant for EVER on this stuff, but I won't, I'll go bitch at someone in public for a bit.
The kicker is that I could plow through some serious work in this mood with the office quiet and in the back with the view of the fog rolling in... but I guess I'll just have to accept that this weekend is about me staking my spot in that house and spending a Sunday at work just isn't NATURAL and shouldn't be done. I'll note that for next weekend.


Brony said...

Sounds like you need a vacation.

Miss Sassy said...

brony - funny part is, I took 3 days off in the last two weeks!!! From work, not drama...

curmudgeon said...

It's not you, it's not her.
Get rid of the fucking dog!!!