Monday, October 30, 2006

Fuck, Jager, and Other Fairly Odd Tales

I had a naked 22 year old Italian boy in my bed Friday night and I didn't fuck him.

I spend a day with a maybe-could-be-awsome-but-won't-let-us-be-in-a-relationship guy only to spend the evening with Lamer #3, Coors Light, and Jager shots.

I didn't unpack one more thing, do any laundry, hang any pictures, or even hang up the clothes I finally got out of the trash bag they came from the laundramat in 10 days ago.

My roomie went on a date for the first time since I can't tell when, which I LOVE, because she was too distracted having a life to judge mine.

I've asked no less than 3 guys this question directly, to which none of them could give me a straight answer, and its kinda rubben my last nerve... "what is it about me that has us talking about sex within the first HOUR of knowing each other, and you would gladly bed me in the same hour, but there is an obvious adverse reaction to the idea of making me your girlfriend??"

Its still hard to get out of bed in the mornings, but the idea of getting out of the house before Brut comes home to tell me all about his walk was enough to get me to the office early enough to chill at the downstairs Starbucks for 20 minutes before coming in 15 minutes early... and I still got barked at for 10 minutes before I could get my shoes on and go. Spaz making excuses for him does NOT help my morning.

I dropped in on my sister at her work/restaurant, and only paid $11 for 2 drinks and 2 meals. Gotta love knowing the register operator.

I think I might really hate my current body enough to stop buying running shoes and 8 lb weights and start USING the running shoes and 8 lb weights. We'll see if my evenings can start revolving around wind in my hair instead of beer in my gut. I think it might take a real emotional reaction to my reflection to get me off the couch; right now I am just complacent to be the cute but chubby girl with the bright smile who would be perfect if she could just be more of a Barbie girl.

I think I might detatch from TV altogether. I loved my Tivo, but now I find myself having to be home at 9pm. As a night owl by DNA, it is energy cycle suicide to sit still for an hour at this time of night.

I changed half my clocks this weekend, making it VERY confusing to meet someone for lunch at 12:30 and not knowing if they switched their clocks yet. It was nice to wake up to sunshine this morning, but I fear I'll have to get up THAT.Much.Earlier to miss Spaz and Brut in the mornings. Of course I could get off work while the sun is still out, that would be a nice change too.

Last week I had a tiny tiny tiny splinter in my thumb for two days that I eventually turned into a blister of spit from sucking my thumb to loosen the skin and get the bugger out. I finally got it, and I just noticed on the opposite hand but the same spot I have a big whole where a spliter could have used to have been. Very weird how one could rule my world for 48 hours and the other came and went without notice but left a wound to be remembered by.

Now I'm just babbling. Time to focus on all the work they forgot to do for the last 7 weeks that they are now piling on my Monday Morning Load of Shit To Do. I think, with the receptionist being fired and my trying to do all her work and mine, and my being educated and having the big expensive gold sticker on the nice paper to prove it, its time to count the days until I will be asking for a raise, whadayathink?

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curmudgeon said...

Asking for a raise? Damn right!