Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Have I expressed how much I LOVE Mondays to you???
I guess I could check my old posts... or just tell you how fucking fantabulous yesterday was as a verification that I am not redonkulously fucked in the head.

So I needed good vibes for that place... yeah, the dogs got along smashingly, she and I hit it off, I slapped down all of her objections and wrote her an October rent check before I left!!!!
Seriously, I had the biggest shit eatin, super accomplished, light as a feather grin on my face yesterday!! I got to work on time for the Monday Morning Fuckass Meeting... the girls didn't even let us get in the conference room before they were asking "did you meet King Dong last night? What is that Sassy Strut you've got today? Thats not the usual been-with-Sexy smile... what happened? Did you find a place?" I said "YES I found a place!!!! You wanna see it?? Come to the window... you see the peir there?? I'm moving into a condo in the beachside neighborhood 2 exits this side of that... you can see the tops of the boats in the harbor two blocks up from my place... no, I'm not RIGHT ON the beach, but a block inland where there are full sized streets to park on... yes, my dog is totally welcome and has a backyard to hang out in and the back door is left open for her so I don't have to worry about her needing to pee midday while we are BOTH at work - yep, ONE ROOMIE... shes older, stable, doesn't bring parties (or own drunk ass) home late nights, and she takes her dog to the ocean for 2 hours every morning so the 1.5 bath issue means NOTHING since she'll be gone when I need to shower and I'll have the whole 1/2 bath for all my chick stuff to sprawl..."

Yes, I actually said all of that over their "congratulations" and "that was fast" and "a BEACH HOUSE? what are we PAYING YOU??" in one breath with an ear to ear grin and a little happy dance goin on on a MONDAY MORNING at an hour when I'm usually hitting snooze.

So, after a day of smiling for no apparent reason except for the beam of joyful light oozing from every pore of my BEING... I go to the gym like a good girl. I rock some serious moves in the dance class, apparently get a thumbs up from Blondie and spend the next hour chatting it up with him as he presses massive weights and I spot him and have him tell me all the different ways I could work out ON THE BEACH and get these muscle groups worn out =) I see Sexy at the front desk but he's obviously not in a good mood, so I continue standing 3 feet away and taking in as much Men's Health regurgitated info as I can until Blondie finally pics and exercise I can participate with (abs, lots and lots of abs, its the key to overall health ya'll, no joke, do some crunches NOW)... we end with Blondie tossing his towel in the bin and turning back with "so, when can you come in tomorrow? I'll meet you in class and show you what I was talking about then?? Great! ::high five:: I gotta go, but get here tomorrow and we can do it again."

Alright, so I've had a tremendously giddy day, get all sassy and funky with the new dance moves, then spend the next hour flirty with the cutie in the club... go get my shit from the lockers, stop in the tanning beds (they are broken so I don't have to pay for them - I LOVE knowing the staff!!!), and prepare for the "you can't hang out at the front desk anymore, we'll get in trouble" smile and walk away with Sexy. He sees me coming and says "hey, come over here for a second" as he leads me to the bistro table at the end of the lobby and proceeds to tell me about the family drama and his whole family dynamic and how each member of his 4 siblings and parents relate to each other and how he feels so much about what happened but doesn't know what to do about any of it... and somehow slipped in a little something about having free time Saturday (my bday) night in the midst of the wedding weekend from hell.

Yeah, I was pretty fuckin stoked!!!! After a wonderful head in the clouds blissful kinda productive day, I get to bond with my man in public???? I even got him to say "I really couldn't care less if you work out with Blondie, I was just saying all that shit last week because Assholeous Maximus thought it was funny".
::get my hand held, lock eyes, we both nod::
::breath the sigh of functional relationship relief::

However, after a brilliantly stellar day like that (oh, and Techie was all sucked up on me to... the last message of the day was "I know it sound like some passive excuses but I don't like writing all that much. I do enjoy talking to you though! yea yea fluff fluff whatever right? naw, seriously we have some fun on our not so secret venue as well as the phones, right?" - I'm a flirt and it keeps me NOT homicidal, so what of it?)... and being up at 6am and not getting to bed until 12:30am... well, I saw this picture and it pretty much describes my EVERY TUESDAY...
**ok, I don't see that Blogger put my pic in here, even though it says it did, we'll see what actually posts**

Off to lunch... my manager tells me that we have to fire my receptionist... she told me last week she wasn't gonna do it after teasing me with it for 6 weeks, today she tells me that the Thursday and Friday I am taking off this week might leave the front desk stranded because she isn't sure if she can wait until Friday afternoon to fire her...
alrighty, I'm off to lunch to measure my new room and put my feet in the sand for 2 seconds to contemplate the finer things in life before I come back to this seat and contemplate 10 hours of sitting RIGHT HERE in order to stay moderately up to snuff on the workload...

I LOVE MONDAYS - Tuesdays can suck my cornhole until my fiber cereal gives them a brown eye of their own.


Mom of Three said...

For God sake will you PLEASE get a digital camera so you can post your beach view?

That is so super, good for you. I think you maybe just might stay put for a spell.

Being that close to home, you could go home for lunch and let Her Shortness out. And save on lunch!

And buy a digital camera.

curmudgeon said...

You are so very wrong. Mondays suck!

But you had a good one anyway. :)

Miss Sassy said...

MOT - check your email...
go home and change my shoes more like it!! And the pups get the door to the backyard propped open so I don't have to worry one bit about all that!!!

C - well, by default, but as weekdays go, its NOT my LEAST favorite day... TGIW this week, I'm so giddy you'd think today was the last day before summer vacation!!

Off to live life for a few days, I'll report back if I can muster the strength - I haven't done anything yet and my wrist is already wrapped and painful... =)