Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I've got Nads

I've got Sexy's nads... in my pocket... ripped them off and put them there myself just last night.

I feel stronger with them. Like I can command attention, affection, respect, control with them.

He debilitated me Sunday with all this talk of bullshit maybe situations that really did give me a pain in my real physical heart to have to consider... but by last night I had decided this is no way to live and he really doens't know what he wants and since I DO know what I want, I will make my intentions clear.

I marched right up to that front desk - mind you it was after a 10.5 hour day of sitting in the same office chair followed by throwing money at the old roomie for utilities and whatever other bullshit she thought she was being raped out of and then a cardio class that really had me thinking about a nap before the ride home but instead Blondie came right up and told me to put my stuff back in a locker so I could do OUR Monday workout - I looked Sexy straight in the eye as he cowered behind "I don't know, its just, I don't know" and said "look, don't be a bitch listening to all your MARRIED brothers about how I MUST want to be married NEXT WEEK just because I'm older than you... they've never even MET me!!! Just take a look at what is REALLY in front of you - yeah, I like you, and its a damn good thing because no matter how good of a fuck you are I need to be able to have you around to fuck! So, PLEASE, can we stop the bullshit and just have some sex??!?!"

We fucked on the tanning bed for the 20 minutes before closing up the gym.


curmudgeon said...

A 20 minute workout after te workouts, eh? Way too many workouts!

Miss Sassy said...

C - whatever keeps a smile on my face!!! And the kicker is that the cardio then weights then abs workouts are being LOVED by my body today - steady blood flow, muscle rebuilding, and a smile that got knocked loose along the way =) I'm tired, but not complaining!