Monday, October 16, 2006

OK, Fuck Mondays Too

Move went GREAT.
Dog LOVES the new place.
Room is AWSOME.
New roomie is NEVER home when I am and leaves me gifts when she leaves.

So she's still allergic to my shit. Whatever, I'll keep my door closed until I wipe it with HER cleaner.

Beach air is AMAZING to sleep in, there is a new clarity of my mind even when the dog wakes me every 97 minutes to remind me we are in the new house.

And then Sexy goes and fucks my weekend. And then I'm on the phone with everyone I know talking about how Sexy fucked my weekend. Then the roomie tells me she literally can not breath in the house because I am there. Then I call back everyone I know and feel wretched (like puke a little WRETCHed) about this new info. Then I wonder just how much of the bottle was empty before I started drinking last night.

And then the bosses that weren't supposed to be in ALL DAY showed up, then left for their off site meetings, then came back because they were relocated to around the corner, then left again, then called THREE times during lunch... and Sexy was being super cute lurvey and interested and totally not copping to the bullshit conversation we had to have yesterday in the hour he could give me before jetting off to work... and the wondering if I will EVER get caught up with all the work that is piling on my desk while I have to email everyone under the SUN the same ol' work shit about 14 times each... and realizing that I can see outside is certainly helping the day pass as I've been in this chair or getting water or checking for ninja pee spots after reading/laughing hysterically at a few posts from my blogrollers and its been 7.5 hours and maybe I'll be needing to run to the FedEx box just to remember how to uncross my legs and stand up...

Last week Wednesday kicked my ass... I already hate Tuesdays and the fucked up shit they offer on a regular basis... now Mondays are starting with bullshit and then turning the fan on midday... fuck growing up, this shit sucks!


Mom of Three said...

Wait a minute, WHAT is wrong with how you smell or your dust or whatever??? What is going on??? Is this new roomie a wierdo? Like one of those germ phobic people? I sure hope not!

Miss Sassy said...

MOT - she has a SEVERE allergy to cat dander - like sandpaper to the bronchial tubes kinda allergy - and something still had cat on it, so whenever she's home she feels like her lungs have sandpaper in them... I told her I'd recruit help to reclean everything and she said "its my problem, I'll clean it".
I was in SHOCK - T or the DSG's never cleaned their OWN mess!!!