Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Back that Thang Up

I'm not saying its for you... but if it is... sometimes its nice to do it often enough to remember the tricks of the trick, if you know what I mean.
In true Laurie style, I found myself thinking I was being my sly self and sneaking a pootie bootie whisper fart in bed while he rolled over and decided to pet the dog instead of really get up... only to find that once a year back door fun leaves you forgetting all those sexy little side effects of raunchie porn style fun... A faint whiff of lube and a sudden wet feeling had me rememebering just how much love lotion was used and BAM! I was out of bed and in the shower in two shakes of a lamb's tail. Yeah, gets the day off to a lovely beginning when you shart yourself next to your Mr. FuckMeRightNow.
For future reference, take the moment to unload your party favors before turning in for the night... no one likes to be reminded of junk in the trunk in the morning.
Somehow I got over it... lemme think... oh, yeah, coming out of the shower to get tamed by the one eyed snake before my hair quit dripping... then the endless compliments in the driveway about my hair and heels and makeup and smile before heading off to work... yeah, that'll work.


VirginWhoCan'tDrive said...

Here's what I always say to a guy: If you want some buttsex, you have to know there could possibly be slight side effects. Prepare for the ultimate consequence, if you must. But just know that sometimes, shit happens.

seo- i believe we're talking about ANAL sex here. birth control? pshh.

Miss Sassy said...

Virgin - HI! I just found you somewhere... you'd think I'd remember to blog roll the ones I had to read the archives of...

Yeah, I can't figure out how to get rid of SEO's comment =(

And I was SURE to have the "you understand what this body part is MADE FOR, don't you??? How are you so intent to NOT use the body part MADE FOR SEX that is SOOOO CLOSE?"
Just forgot that I can't wait til morning =( Practice makes Perfect!!

Laurie said...

Sassy - You should be able to delete SEO comment when you are logged in, there should be a little trashcan on the bottom left of his comment. Just click it.

You have to be logged into blogger though.

HAVE a GREAT w/end!!!

Miss Sassy said...

Laurie = savior from spam!
I tried from the blogger login side... then came to add a comment and there it was!!

curmudgeon said...


I hope you actually jumped up rather than slid out from under the sheets...

VirginWhoCan'tDrive said...

You read my archives?? I'm so flattered. Seriously.
It still amazes me that anyone reads my blog at all.