Friday, March 03, 2006

Fuck Its Friday

Hi ya'll.
Yeah, I'm a California girl hooked on the word "ya'll" like its crack.
Deal with it.

Ok, you'd think at a new job and left to the desk alone for the first time I'd be THRILLED its Friday... except I was told I'd have a shadow/mentor ALL WEEK and so I was DONE yesterday. And the gym dude who teaches my kick ass class with my Blonde Bombshell distraction upped me in the circuit last night so instead of little sissy pushups and squats and just standing on the Bosu ball I was adding tricep presses to my squats on the Bosu ball with a jump and solid land in between, no knees on the pushups to move straight into The Plank (like I did 12 times in yoga Wed. night), and enough crunches to make even the most advanced Mister Man in class (AKA Blonde Bombshell) taking the time to learn a new move as an opportunity to LAY.THE.FUCK.DOWN.
Thats right folks. The teacher has to come up with harder moves for this guy and HE was passing out!!!
And all this was after the dance class taught by the little Portugese woman who loves the chacha and mambo... but this week decided the chorus of the song wouldn't be a cha-se or hip swing but rather DOUBLE.HOPS.THREE.TIMES. followed immediatly by a little back and forth with the foot and then a TURN.COMPLETELY.AROUND. and then do it all in the other direction.
And She had a Red Bull before class.
And I had a 200 calorie shake for dinner in the car on the way to class.
And She was side stepping the hops and I was jumping my tatas into my chin the whole damn time.

So yeah, I'm a little upset that its FRIDAY.
Everything in my being says it should be a DAY.OFF.DAMMIT.
I'm not sore, just worn out. I'm not sucking at my job alone, just avoiding doing it. I'm not sorry I did all that work last night, just sad I forgot that my chicken salad for lunch was a waste of a to-go box labeled "nutrition". I'm not cranky, just SO unbelievably thrilled that our coffee machine here makes REAL mochas... making it that much easier to sit at a desk and blog my morning away =)

No pics from here yet - gotta figure out how to be on a remote computer and have 17 programs open without crashing the system...

Happy Friday to you all... may all your gym workouts be soothed by warm creamy french vanilla flavored caffeine...


Bent Fabric said...

Tricep presses?! I'd rather remove my own gallbladder using an oyster fork.

Don't be upset. Tomorrow you can lay in the sun, molest yourself a few times and all will be well.

april said...

It's a little odd that you're a Cali girl saying y'all, but I like it!!!!

Miss Sassy said...

bent - what the flip floppin kind of personal trainer were you if you don't care about diet and hate half the machines and muscle building iron pumpin moves??? ;)

april - somehow nicer than Laurie's "your wack" comments... but you both end with "like it" so I guess its all cool =)

Yeah, had to switch to hot chocolate this afternoon, but otherwise work is still, well, WORK.

Mona Buonanotte said...

I love the word "y'all". I started using it when my sister moved to the south, just to bug her.