Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Weekend Update

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And now, your host, Miss Can't Stop Talking Due to Caffeine and Dance Buzz Overload Sassy :

Thanks Bob.
I thought I'd share just a bit about my weekend since I meant to yesteday but really didn't feel like it.
And wouldn't you know it, just when I get the job under control, they give me a ginormous stack of paperwork to fill out to become a Permanent Employee and screw up my whole OnTopOfIt system.
YEAH! But BOO too - getting to a desk with 12 30 min projects waiting and two more to sitting in the lobby isn't a way to drag Miss Sassy to the desk on time.

Anywho, I'm also very excited about this weekends happenings for a few reasons. The short version: I did nothing but appease Aunt Flo on Saturday - hot pad, blanket, pups and me on the couch with the remote in one hand and chamomile tea in the other; cooked a fabulous breakfast and then cleaned out the kitchen cabinets and scrubbed every freshly cleared surface top to bottom for about 6 hours afterward on Sunday).

Now, for the traditional novel:

1. I cooked. I took care of me and nourished myself by preparing something with my own two hands.

2. I ate. I sat at a table in the back yard and took the time to notice what I was shoveling into my pie hole. Normally I hate eating so much I pick something with the right nutrition and look up when its over. This time I was so full I couldn't finish and the pups got a nice surprise when they licked the plate for me.

3. I didn't care when Sqweeky and K came home. I did my thing like it was my house.

4. That cabinet in the kitchen has been a catch all. T complained about it when I moved in SIX months ago. When she came home from work and all the stuff was on the table and I was IN the cabinet scrubbing the back wall of the bottom shelf, she had to say "I can't get my mind around this right now. Let me take what you won't put back to the garage" then proceeded to go upstairs and take a nap.

5. I told Squeeky flat out that a schedule for cleaning is a dumb idea. That if I was supposed to clean the kitchen yesterday, I would not have done THIS. And that I would have hated it on principle. I told her that I clean when it strikes me that it needs to be done and a schedule will kill that instinct and I won't support or follow one. Dumass.

6. It was ME. I, in my natural homey nurturing secure in my surroundings and in my self and abilities and instincts, clean stuff when it needs it. It used to happen about once a quarter in high school. Since I've lived in 6 'homes' in the last 3 years, I haven't done a deep cleaning unless it was for a deposit.

It felt good to sing to the radio and open another cupbard and see that there was an empty wrapper and end up clearing the whole thing out to wipe the soap circles off. It was amazing the way the entire kitchen lit up with the scent of Simple Green and the sparkle only Comet can give. I was proud of my day and knew the effect on the space would only promote the dropping of baggage. And it wasn't mine!!!
It was me in my home cleaning my space because I care how my life functions.
***And when He is around, I forget all that and my life revolves around Him.*** I realized that, acknowledged it, respected it, and kept on with my day.

Tempura had called in the middle of Round 3 - wiping up any trace residue before deciding what to put back. Later he asked (via text message) how the roomies responded. I said "in awe, naturally, of my ability to transform the space into a home". He said "maybe someday we can have a home you could clean. And I can watch you clean naked on a Sunday."
I lost my breath.
Apparently because I talk to him he is ALL about me and I don't know how to keep, um, JUST TALKING to him and convey that I'm not getting the "we'd be cool together forever" vibe.
I told him I would clean in boy shorts and a cami and he changed the topic.
Still talks about me coming out, yes he does, but that he just moved and his rent doubled and his business is slow in the mean time is where he keeps pointing my attention when I ask for a flight number.
Whatever. I'm not dying to be wholed up in the snow with a guy who thinks I'm fantastic just for taking his calls. Oh, and being me, but you get the idea.

I made my bed this weekend.
Usually not a major thing, but I'll give you a timeline for emphasis.
I got back from New Years' trip and washed my sheets the next weekend. I made the bed while He was here that week. I slept in those sheets for, um, I'm going with three weeks (pillow cases washed after 10 days).
These sheets were in a ball at the end of the bed that night. I crawled onto the opened sleeping bag that is my matress pad (also convenient storage, FYI) and pulled the blankets over me.
Its PJs time of year, so almost no skin was sleep-slimin these textiles.
And this weekend I made my bed.
Did you catch that?? January 10th I put on sheets, January 31st I take them off, and MARCH 25TH I put them back on.
PROGRESS folks. This is what they call Movin On ya'll. (thought I'd forget?? HA!) Seriously, it might be a stupid thing to try to attach meaning to... I get the HS cheerleader corrilation. But come on - He lays me in fresh sheets, I sleep in them until I seriously CAN'T anymore, and it takes TWO MONTHS to get them stretched back on?????? Sum'ums up wit dat yo.
And I was a psych major and all my friends are too easy to read right now. =)
Oh, and I slept FAMOUSLY last night, thanks for asking =)

Always having to leave stuff off because I am a flibertygibit of a talker and just won't.stop.the.madness. (this actually started as an email to a budy that I had to copy and paste so I wouldn't want to try to blog at work tomorrow.)
The family is crazy.
My sister will try to talk me into helping her move from west NV to So Cal in the next two weeks or so.
My cousin will be furious because she wants my sisters rent to help her be able to buy a bigger house for her family (rent $ = covered mortgage = bigger kitchen for everyone).
My aunt is a spaz who called off the big wedding (panic attacks planning it 10 months in advance) and who won't cough as to when the eloping may commence. Her house is the current destination of my sister. This should be fun. The house in question is almost an hour from mine and I've visited for two of the three major holidays since I moved here (Christmas and Super Bowl - I called in fake sick to Tday).
Oh, and the sisters in my house are in a tizzy because something is happening with the mortgage payment and K is thinking she is helping by telling T she needs to buck up and shovel the cash to cover the difference since "they (the parents who actually own the house and K who's THEN current income was needed and she is therefore a signatory on the house) thought she would pay more once T got a job and she hasn't". Unfortunately, the entire situation is a bit screwy for my quickly Garfielding eyes, but the jist is that K is a severly self centered and narrow minded cornhole who can't notice if someone is in the room, let alone who they are. T bought this house thinking her fiancee would bear her children here and is constantly frustrated with the level of absentmindedness demonstrated by the DownStairs Girls on a daily basis. To have $$ come up about the house through K to T the week T's "severance checks" from the ex-fiancee (they met at work and were together for 10 years) don't come in for the first time in nearly two years is a little bit much when the Crimson Tide is washing over the place, ya dig?

Its past midnight now. I was gonna shower the gym off so I could sleep in (to when I normally get up mind you) in the morning, but perhaps my skin won't notice that its in its own yummy oils for the night??? Or will 6:30am not come that early tomorrow, now that I get INTO bed, and I'll get out of bed on time?

I'm laughing too, its ok, yuck it up.

ttfn, and don't say I never wrote you nuthin.


Mona Buonanotte said...

I do my best cleaning right before my period. Otherwise, I do as little as possible. I use the cat to clean up dust bunnies. True story.

curmudgeon said...

Up on time? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Miss Sassy said...

Mona - I try to get the dogs to sit and be happy = instant sweeper x2. =)
I'd love to try your method - do tell! Three indoor cats = too many bunnies to count.

Miss Sassy said...

C - I HEARD the alarm today, that was a good start!
I still didn't get out of bed until 7:50am, but PROGRESS!!!
Thanks for the vote of confidence. Your nicname is proving to sink in
::sticking out tongue::

The DogGrrrrl said...

okay, that's too much to read but... Hi Sassy!