Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Fuck Murphy and His Laws

I'm sitting here in my new job with two weeks experience and PISSED OFF that I don't have it completely up to snuff yet.
The phones go through the computers but when I have paperwork all over the keyboard or am running to the phone from the file cabinet I just want to put the call on hold using the button on the phone call HOLD. I then try to page someone only to find out that the HOLD button does NOTHING and I just hung up on someone.
So I resign to using the computer program. It doesn't pop up when I get the call. It hesitates when I drag the call to somones extension. It doesn't let me use the headset... instead all my calls come straight out of the phone and they can't hear me.
When the fucking thing DOES decide to let me use the program, it takes over and whatever I was typing when the call came in is now the name of the extension I want to transfer to... leaving the poor sap who called having to repeat everything they just said since the computer wanted to transfer them to the DATE.
Oh, and that I am finally catching up on entering peoples applications is a bonus, except that every one I do someone has a question about and it looks like the computer isn't saving half my work even though the process talkes ten minutes longer than it should because after ANY ENTRY, click of a box, or review of a screen I have to save it "just to be sure the computer keeps the info".

Fuck. Work sucks kinda.
I want to say its worth it to keep a roof overhead but after cashing my first paycheck I realize that but I will be short the equivelent of my car payment minimum every month I am at this pay rate.
And this computer is a satalite of teh INTERNATIONAL server and I literally can't wait for the letters t ocome up so I am typing about a full sentance faster than the coputer can register if THAT gives you any idea of how slow this phone system operates.

And the micro managing. GO THE FUCK AWAY!!! We have no one to ask questions of and then suddenly there is someone breathing down my neck telling me that the 2 second it takes me to pound out a 5 # extension to transfer a call would be much more convenient if I just click here, type the persons name, then drag and click and click and whisper page and redrag and when the menu comes up just click this one BUT NOT THIS ONE NO MATTER WHAT that is right next to it ad don't mind the pause in the mouse drag and release with confidence UNLESS YOU ARE GOING TO RELEASE THE CALL ONE THAT LINE THAT WE NEVER USE.

The only reason I bring this up is because 1) I have time to slack off because I was here an hour late last night trying to catch up, 2) because its noon and I am on my third cup of coffee and am full of energy I can't use because of hte teather to my head dictated by MicroBitch, and 3) because I've gotten a FEW calls from the posting I put up in JANUARY on the get-me-a-job site and its pissing me off that they are only finding my resume after I have a job!!!!!!!!

I was told to keep my options open and check out these calls I'm getting... but is it really a good idea to hate my job so much in the first too weeks that I will cut and run??
I mean seriously speaking, its just that is like every other front desk job I've had without the boredom.
And I am isolated enough that I can tickety tack away to you all again.
And if this week is as slow as it looks like, I might be able to check in with your blog again.

In other news, the TV dude will e at my house this morning to set up the TiVo in my ROOM with TWO cables so I can watch a show and tape another AT THE SAME TIME. The TV I am using is so old that I will be putting my computer monitor right next to the TV and using IT as my DVD player. I'm mot sure if the keyboard will be more comfortable from the bed, but surely my ass won't be able to fall asleep as quickly and I can get in some hardcore surfing while the commercials are on!!!! Oh, and do stupid stuff like put away laundry and do my budget for FEBRUARY and write my grandma a letter without moving all my shit downstairs to be riffled through by the inconsiderate roomies and whatever jackhole guys they bring through our house.

=) (AAAHHHHHHHH AGAIN!!!! I thought I'd be a super stud and give you all a pic today and the stupid computer won't refresh so I can SEE the pics!!!! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! Fuck I need to take a lunch break and get the fuck out of this building!!! )


april said...

Wow....you poor thing. Maybe you should bring a flask to work to take the edge off? Or a mini vibrator........I'm just saying that you need something good to take your mind off of the bad. Vibrators and alcohol might work. =)

Miss Sassy said...

April - such a dear for your suggestions =)
I tried that at the last job, remember?
Well, it was a bacardi and coke in a water bottle and 'potty breaks' that left me flush in the cheeks...
I'm considering taking the hint that they didn't give me the perm position in the meeting yesterday (bloging it later if I get a chance)and taking the calls from the other recruiters who took 3 months to see me posted online.

In the mean time, I like the 2 martini lunch idea =)

Mona Buonanotte said...

Oh hells yeah, if you get another job offer, GO! Just don't put this 2-weeker on your resume.

BTW, sounds like their phone software sux donkey balls...

curmudgeon said...

Ain't technology wonderful? :)
(That's the line I use when some checker at the store is bitching about their - usually computerized - cash register.)

Job hopping is never a good idea.
But checking to see if any are permanent positions while you're at a temp place, I think is.
Can't hurt to ask anyway.

Miss Sassy said...

Thanks for the good job karma!!!

I am offered a perm position here, its just that there is so much paperwork involved they do temp for a few weeks to "see if its a good fit."

I'm just not sure I will ever quit bitchen about my job, so should I stick here anyway is the bigger question!!

Mom of Three said...

Perhaps it's time to ramp up the MK again. I dunno. It's the system. You are the counterpart of the mindless assembly line worker in the early 1900s, working 12 hour days in the 100 degree heat of the factory, breathing in asbestos.

I would say go with the ben-wah balls. You can keep them in all day. And they can't smell them on your breath like alcohol.

Miss Sassy said...

MOT - Go figure you would have a workable solution... the only trick is to not walk with a swagger, right?? I mean after all that focusing on the area, I'm bound to get a release or three, no??