Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Again, I'm gonna talk about how bad ass I am at work.

Turns out that yesterday one of the administrative assistants got offered a job in our office in the town she lives in.
Instead of thinking it over last night, she accepted before she went home last night.
This means something only because today I got another impromptu meeting with my boss and her boss about my employment here.
Basically, they are RIGHT NOW drawing up papers to get me on the company payroll instead of having me fill out a temp time card.
Like by April 1st I won't be a temp anymore!!!!

OK. So here's the reason I've stopped working to blog.
This admin position is the same $$ an hour as I'm making. Its in the bullpen of short cubes. The desk thats being vacated is next to a window. No more having to worry if they'll send me home because I'm refusing to wear a suit coat everyday. And I was flat out asked if I would consider moving to the back.
Not that its a given - just sayen that the new place wants her like TODAY so there will be a slew of people interviewing until they like someone enough to come work with us. And where I sit next week is soley determined by their ability to like someone for the front desk or the back desk.

Exciting right!!!!!

To ensure the good karmic flow, I finally pulled out my checkbook for a few charities I've been asked to donate to (see Laurie, Avatar, and my buddies little girl is going to be the American ambasador for the People for Change trip to Australia!).

The bummer - while my bosses boss is telling me how excited she is that I am doing such a kick ass job at my desk that she is almost afraid to move me to the back, she turns to my boss and asks if there is anything that we should talk about before actually moving forward.

This mousie doe eyed meek little ass muncher (not kisser, MUNCHER - was directly hired for the position by her current boss) says that some people have come to her saying I was a little, um, well there is a personality issue we should mention, because, um, I guess you are a bit sarcastic sometimes.
I looked her straight in the face and said "I certainly have a sarcastic sense of humor, but with the new guy calling me Da Bomb and the guys I went to Happy Hour with saying things like "can we go home yet?" I got the feeling that my "oh yeah, I'm da bomb!" and "seriously, get outta here, it'll be here tomorrow anyway, right?" wouldn't be taken offensively.
She blinked heavily.
Her boss says she is gonna stand up for Mouse but ends up speaking for me... something along the lines of "I certainly haven't been offended by anything you've said, but maybe just be a little aware of the stress level of the person your talking to from here on out."


We work in a marketing sales office and I'm supposed to know when these are people or back stabbing honkies.

Its a perm job no matter what, right??
And in a good location (15 min from home, 10 min from the gym), the hours are cool (unless they start wanting me here at 7:30am, the maybe we'll talk), and since the head honcho chick likes me and the work I do I'm inclined to think the petty drama Mouse was refering to won't be anything more than her bad day being trumped by my KICK ASS WORK HABITS.

Yeah. Thats right. I'm Da Bomb. And getting promoted away from weekly time sheets.
I'll tell you what - Mouse has NOTHING on Miss Menthol in the race to reach the end of my last nerve; this is a cakewalk (which I actually participated in during the spring of my 6th grade year and suddenly the term made sense!)
Two for two on the good work days - how U doin??


Mona Buonanotte said...

YEEHAW! Excellente! Congrats!

Watch that little Mousy Muncher, tho...she might just need a little less mouth.

(Her boss sounds groovy, tho...is Mouse-Muncher a pain in her ass?)

curmudgeon said...

Good fer you! [Applause]

You effing rock!

Ale8one said...

nice work da bomb!

Miss Sassy said...

Mona - I'm finally talking your language huh?? So many comments from you lately!! Yeah, Mouse needs to be watched to be sure she remembers to tie her shoes too.

C - we knew I was effin cool before, now I'm just getting paid to prove it.
Paid to be a professional.
Well, my reference list will be abundent with people happy to boast about what a good job I do.
Still sounds dirty.
You get what I mean. My boss likes me and my job is becoming a breeze - and no headaches!

Al - The funny thing is he's this big older black dude with a southernish accent and his booming voice and slow speech pattern makes it sound like I just landed a kamakazie plane with an atom bomb on it... "yyyoooouuuuu dddaaa bbbboooommmmmmbbbbbb, you da bomb" with a little head twist of wisdom for good measure.
Thanks for the confirmation!

Mike said...

Kick ass work habits over ride a sarcastic humor....don't ever lose the humor.

Miss Sassy said...

Mike - THANKS buddddddie! (say it like Paulie Shore in Encino Man)
I like your concept.
Work Hard. Laugh Hard. Got it. =)